Roll out the barrel

ROLL OUT THE BARREL: The Henry Neinstedt Brewery of Bellevue was once a thriving local supplier of keg beer to taverns in the area around the early 1900s, prior to prohibition. The German immigrants who came to the Bellevue area, apparently brought their taste for a tall glass of good beer with them. (Herald-Leader archives).

100 Years Ago

January 13, 1920

  Genevieve Restroffer fell on some ice at St. Joseph’s school grounds at noon today and struck her head on the ice with such force that she was knocked unconscious.  Dr. Hanske was called and remo ed her to the home of her parents where she was still in an unconscious condition at the time of this writing.

  LLoyd Howard Griebel passes away after ten days illness at the home of his parents four miles north of Bellevue.  e was born on the farm in 1897. He had a bad attack of the influenza last year which left his system in a weakened condition and when taken ill with pneumonia was unable to withstand the ravages of the disease.  He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Griebel and brother to Minnie and two brothers, Lawrence and Arthur, all at home. He was a young man of sterling habits and well liked by all who knew him.  

  A sleighing party of ladies were entertained at the country home of John Ka.oppes Sunday night.

  The basketball contest between the Bellevue High school team and the A.A.A. team Friday at the Rink was won by the former, the score being 23 to 22.

  Little Geraldine Ferring has been very ill with appendicitis for more than a week and for a time her recovery was doubtful.  

Cozy Theatre:  “A Man;s Fight” with  Dustin Farnum.  Fascinating story of east and west, and a virile star in a role of unusual character.  Also 2 reel comedy Prices 10 to 20 cents.

The Lamotte Star: Mr. Heiar of St. Donatus and Miss Malone of Cottonville attended services at St. John;s Catholic church Sunday.  N.M. Scheckel informs us that while sawing wood near their residence one day last week a wild deer came along and took a short look at the gang, then disappeared in the timber.

90 Years Ago

January 14, 1930

  A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Lauterborn on January 8.

  Louis Spiro, local merchant, has been confined to his home by illness for the past three or four weeks.  He was able to be at his place of business last Saturday, but he had a backset, probably caused by getting out too soon, and he has not been to his store since.

  The Bellevue Bears and the DeWitt Moose played a fast game at DeWitt last Wednesday evening which both temas won, according to their claims, and a contrversy has been raging ever since.  The play that caused the undetainty happened in the last minute of the play.  With the score standing 26 to 25 in DeWitts favor, Isadore Till, bhe Bear’s left guard was given a free throw.  He missed the basket and “Okey” Theisen, the Bear’s elongated center, tipped the ball into the basket just as the final whixtle blew which made the score 27 to 26.  Now DeWitt claims the goal did not count and the Bears clain it did.  Leslie Blitgen was high point man with 11 points and his brother Jack accounted for nine points.

  The mystery of the heavy explosion which rocked Bellevue and broke window panes in three homes on New Year’s night remains unsolved.  There was no dynamite exploded in the quarry northwest of town.

  The public school building at Andrew wa destroyed by fire Saturday afternoon.  It is believved the the blaze was caused by defective wiring as the fire started in the attic.

80 Years Ago

January 11, 1940

  An Iowa State Highway Commission official informed us Tuesday that the overhead crossing on Highway 52 and 67 just south of this city had been included the the commissions 1940 construction plan.  The overhead, a $100,000 project will cross the Milwaukee’s railroad’s right of way south of railroad bridge over Mill Creek which will require a relocation of the highway at his point including a huge earth fill and new bridge over Mill Creek.

  A deluge of snow, one of the worst blizzards in many years, swooped down upon this locality over the weekend.  The snow storm began Saturday and did not cease until late Sunday.  Fifteen inches of heavy wet snow fell and old-timers tell us this is the heaviest fall at on time that they can remember.   A strong northwest wind, which at times seemed to be coming from every direction, whipped the snow into drifts from 3 to 8 feet high.

  Ben Lampe, proprietor of the new Western Auto Associate Store now has the establishment open for business.

70 Years Ago

January 12, 1950

  Rich Norpel advertises a big Anniversary sale in the Herald today in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of Norpel’s Market.

  A real etate deal was completed the past week, whereby Nelvin Herrig became owner of Chris Mander’s tavern on Front St.  Mr. Manders plans to return to farming.  

  At a meeting in Dubuque Tuesday night the Bellevue Dragons entered the newly organized basketball loop known as the Tri-State conference.

  Over 1400 paid admisions were checked at the WMT Variety show presented at the new gym-auditorium Monday night.  The entertainment was varied and everyone enjoyed the show.  The local V.F.W. sponsored the event.

  AT the end of December there was more grain in storage in Iowa than at any other time in the state’s history.

60 Years Ago

January 14, 1960

  Bellevue property owners will find their taxes greaty reduced when they make payments this spring.  A 55 percent slash in the taxes for Bellevue public school will bring down the local tax total by more than 20 percent.

  Mrs. William DeGear was elected president of the Bellevue Hospital auxiliary.  Mrs. Kenneth Gieseman was elected secretary and Mrs. Ferdinand Hueneke is the treasurer.

  A drenching rain that lasted two dayssoaked Bellevue early this week, turning area roads to muddy mires and sending creeks and river in a fast rise.  A total of 3.31 inches of rain was measured by the Bellevue locks.  The rains softened some parts of roads to amke them impassable and school buses had to eliminate some parts of their rounds.

Bellevue high school defeated Holy Rosary of LaMotte in two games Friday niight.   Bob Siebals and Dennis Guenther led the Comets with 16 points each.  BHS played without Grant hachmann and SAmmy Patterson, Grant having suffered a sprained ankle and Sammy a slight shoulder separation.

  Mrs. Ellen Griebel is announcing the opening of her beauty salon, The Beauty Nook, at 105 Market street, starting today.  

  All directors of the First National bank were re-elected at the annual meeting.  Officers are A.C. SChneider, president; G.J. Bittner, vice president; H.J. Kueter, cashier and executive vice president; and Walter Eggers, assistant cashier.  Mrs. B.W. Yost, Mrs. Wilfred Theisen and Thomas Daugherty are the tellers and bookkeepers.  Directors in addition to the officers are Robert Dyas and Lyman Meyer.

50 Years Ago

January 8, 1970

  Six Jackson townships are included in the fedreal and state quarantine in connection with the recent Iowa outbreak of hog cholera.

  Immunization will be offered for all children ages one to 12 at the community schools and at St. Joseph’s school.  Parents may bring pre-school children to either the morning or evening session, including kindergarten children n0t in school during the times scheduled.

  Mr. and Mrs. Ray Clasen were surprised by the arrival of their son, Pfc. Gerald Clasen, on New Years eve.  Jerry ad been a patient at the military hospital in Japan and is on a 30 day convalescent leave.

  The gym in the new Bellevue high school will see its first use for the Jackson County Conference tournament that opens here next week.

30 Years Ago

January 11, 1990

  Just prior to a selection of a jury Monday, Richard Deppe, 58, pleaded guilty to willful injury.  

The attempted murder charge stemmed from Deppe allegedly shooting his 72-year-old brother, Clarence in the neck Aug. 15 over a dispute involving food in the refrigerator in the home they shared in rural Bellevue.  

Clarence Deppe was hospitalized in Dubuque following the incident.  “I meant to kill him,”  Deppe told the judge.  “At the time I was angry, later I was sorry.”