Bellevue Ambulance 1933

This old Bellevue photograph from 1933 shows a fine vehicle with two well-dressed gentlemen posing beside it. The photo, which was brought to the newspaper office 20 years ago by reader John Hinke (by way of Police Chief Lynn Schwager) was apparently of the old ambulance service and two of its drivers.

100 Years Ago

December 18, 1919

  The death of Mrs. Henry Hinke, whose illness was noted in the last issue of the Leader, occurred Saturday evening at seven o’clock.  Mrs. Hinke had not been in good health for some time and on Monday evening previous to her death fell asleep from which it was impossible to awaken her.  She lingered until the day and hour above stated when her spirit winged its flight to the heavenly home.  Besides her husband Henry, she is survived by two sons, Clarence and Eldridge and daughter Edna.

 Mrs. Nicholas Ehlinger of LaMotte passed away in this city last Saturday evening.    A few months ago she submitted to an operation at Mercy hospital in Dubuque, and was on her way home when she was taken with a relapse while waiting for a narrow-gauge train here and was removed to the Moulton hospital. She was nearly sixty years of age and is survived by her husband and thirteen children, who have the sympathy of all in their great loss. Truly there is a home prepared for her in that better land where there is no more sorrow or pain.  

J.H. Bovard of Kansas sends the editor of the Leader a box of cigars for Christmas, which is very kind and thoughtful of our good friend, only we don’t smoke.  However, we appreciate John’s remembrance of us, just the same.  Somebody will smoke those cigars, you bet.

90 Years Ago

December 19, 1929

 Christmas will be appropriately observed by the Catholic, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches this year as usual.  There will be a solemn high mass at St. Joseph’s church on Christmas eve at midnight and a children’s mass at seven o’clock on Christmas morning and high mass and benediction at nine o’clock.  St. John’s will have a Christmas program by the Sunday school on Christmas eve at 7 o’clock.  There will also be a beautifully illuminated tree. On Christmas day there will be services at 10:30.  At the Presbyterian church, a Christmas pageant will be given December 22.  Then on Christmas eve at 7:30, the Sunday school will present a Christmas program.  There will be a tree and Santa Claus will distribute “treats” for the children.

  John L. Blitgen is assisting at Manderscheid’s barbershop during the holidays.

The Leader greets its readers from coast to coast and from Canada to the Gulf this week in holiday attire.  We are making this issue serve the double purpose of a Christmas edition and Sixtieth Anniversary Number.

  A reporter for the Leader making the rounds on Tuesday evening was surprised to find nearly fifty homes where Christmas trees are conspicuously placed and artistically decorated with colored lights and other trimmings.  If you have not already decorated your home, exterior or interior, get busy without further delay.  You’ll enjoy the yuletide season more if you do so.

 It is reported that Manuzo Potter, after brilliant success with strawberries has succeeded in crossing a cabbage with an onion.  This adds a new horror to the Christmas-gift cigar.

80 Years Ago

December 19, 1939

  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of this week are the Ember days.  The last ember days did a good job at predicting the prevailing weather of the past three months so we will be anxious to see what the coming days will forecast.

All stores are requested to close Monday, Christmas day at 12 o’clock noon.  Harold Spiro, President of Chamber of Commerce.

 Here is something new-sturdy, transparent octagon covers for serving cakes, sandwiches, hors-d’eouvres, cold meats and pastries at home-at luncheons-and at parties.  $1.47 at Young Hardware

  The St. Joseph teams split a doubleheader on the home floor last Wednesday with Peosta.  The local girls won by the score of 23 to 19.  C. Callaghan and I. Portz led the attack with 14 and 8 points respectively.

   Pfeiffers-the home owned Federated Store-”Betsey Wetsey,” $2.98; Sewing Set for good little girls, 10 to 49 cents; skip ball, 98 cents;  boxed stationery, 48cents.

70 Years Ago

December 15, 1949

  Remains of War Hero Returned for Re-Burial Here-Second Lt. John N. Dennison, navigator in the Air Corps of the United States Army, and killed in action on December 29, 1943, will be brought back for burial.  Death occurred when his plane was shot down over Germany.  John was a grandson of Dr. John Dennison of this city.

  An audience of near the thousand mark were present for the dedication of Bellevue’s new gymnasium-auditorium.  The new structure is a credit to the city.

  Poliomyelitis appears to be on the increase again in Iowa after recession in the number of cases reported weekly since September 1st.  O.R. Ramser reported “the last two weeks 102 cases of infantile paralysis have been reported in Iowa after a weekly average of 12 cases in previous weeks.

  On another page of The Herald Vern Ernst carries a large adv. on the new Hy-Line Chicks, first chicks bred like hybrid corn, in an entirely new way of breeding chickens.  This new chick is destined to revolutionize the poultry business and is creating considerable interest among the leading poultrymen in this country.

  The Harlem Aces (formerly the Globe Trotters) will play the Bellevue Dragons on Thursday at the Bellevue gym-auditorium.  This team is known as the clowns of the hardwoods.

60 Years Ago

December 17, 1959

 The Maiers Christmas display will be lighted this evening for the 1959 Christmas season.  In its seventh year the display will be larger than ever with the addition of a number of new attractions.  It is expected that the display will again bring visitors from near and far to enjoy the inspired work of the Maiers family under the guiding genius of the head of the family, Fred Sr.

  Christmas treats were distributed to approximately 1,100 children Saturday at the annual Christmas party sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and American Legion.  

  Don’t forget your Kodak film and Sylvania flash bulbs for all your holiday photos.

  S.J.S. News-Algae bacteria and fungi were the objects in a miniature “bowl” which served as a test for the 4th period biology class.  Winning panel consisted of Don Frank, Gerald Haiar, Janis Herrig, Brenda Till, and James Wagner. Sister Georgiana served as monitor.  

50 Years Ago

December 18, 1969

  Holy Cross Leo defeated the Marquette varsity basketball team there Friday night in an overtime 89 to 88 win.  It was the first win in three years for the Leo team.  Kenny Ernst piled up 29 points.  Gary Neubert had 17 and Tom Mottet 14.  Jerry Theisen led the Mohawk B squad with 18 points, David Maier adding 14 and Lenny Theilen 10.

  A county wide inoculation against rubella, or German measles, has been set for Jan. 15 under direction of the Jackson County Medical Association.

  Mrs. Gary Roeder will leave Friday for San Francisco to spend Christmas with Mr. Roeder who is presently stationed at the naval base, Treasure Island.

  With the Servicemen-Pfc. Gary Kloft is now stationed with the Marine corps at Camp Pendleton, Calif.; Pfc. Steven Kueter reports a new address in Vietnam to his mother;   David Hoxmeier is spending a Chistmas leave with his parents.  He has spent the past 16 months in Berlin.; Keith Leon Klemme enlisted in the Marine Corps for two years under the 120 day delay program; Hospitalman Apprentice David Mangler has been home on leave after completing Navy recruit training at San Diego.

40 Years Ago

December 20, 1979

    More than $2,000 damage was done Thursday morning when a Bellevue School bus went out of control and crashed into a power pole at the corner of Fourth and State Streets.  The collision broke off the pole that holds three transformers that supply power to Bellevue Elementary school, resulting in an unexpected holiday for students and teachers in kindergarten through sixth grade.

  Dance Saturday Night DISCO-1/2 priced drinks to 10 p.m.-Lombardis