Ted Ernst

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has the distinction of grossing the most money ever in a single week and Ted Ernst, Bellevue, was part of it as an extra on location in England last year during filming.  The Bellevue airman is home on leave before being transferred to a base in Louisiana.

100 years ago

July 27, 1920

  The only event to mar the big doings last week was the robbery at the Kucheman Store For Men Friday night, or early Saturday morning.  The burglars gained entrance to the store by prying open a window in the rear of the building and carried away goods to the value of $1200 or more.  The theft was reported to Mr. Martin, president of the Frisco Shows, and the latter assigned the company, Elmer Collins to take hold of the case and if possible run down the thieves.  Towards evening he had enough suspicion about a young fellow who was a carnival roustabout.  The fellow was locked up in the city jail where he was put through the third degree by Mr. Collins when he finally broke down and confessed that he knew where the goods were hidden but had no hand in the robbery.  The carnival worker and several other undesirables were put off the carnival train when they got to Green Island.

  A.H. Jameyson, who advertised the loss of a $5 bill in last weeks' Herald, had the same returned to him by George Zimmer, who found it.

  An accident that came near proving fatal one evening last week when Vernon Buckles and several other youngsters came near being drowned at the swimming hole in Mill creek.  Mrs. J. R. O'Neill of Chicago, who is spending the summer months here, had accompanied eight boys and girls to  the creek to go wading.  The children all got aboard a raft which floated out into a deep hole and being overloaded tipped over and threw them all into the water.  Mrs. O'Neill jumped into the water over her head and with the aid of Gilbert Rutledge managed to rescue all the youngsters but Vernon  Buckles.  The latter had gone down for the second time when Rutledge succeeded in getting hold of him and pulled him to shore with the assistance of Mrs. O'chools will open on Tuesday, September 7.Neill. He was unconscious but soon came to after being rolled on the bank.

 The Bellevue Public schools will open on Tuesday, September 7.

90 Years Ago

July 29, 1930

  Victor Stuart has recently completed building a modern home for James Dunne of near Cottonville.  P.J. Wever, local electrician, wired the house for electric lights Wednesday.

  The democratic state convention was held at Des Moines last Tuesday and a strong platform was adopted which demands state rights, state regulation of the sale of liquor, with a definition of intoxicating liquors, as a remedy for what the delegates termed a "nation-wide-scandal" of prohibition enforcement.

Reports that trichinosis has caused the death of three persons and illness of 30 other residents of Reading, Pa. recently has led the United States Department of Agriculture to renew its warnings against eating raw pork.  In Reading the disease was the consequence of eating raw-pork sausage.

  Convicted of illegally transporting liquor, Wes Varner of Maquoketa was fined $300 and costs in the district court here Wednesday by Judge C.L. Ely.  Varner waived preliminary hearing on the true information filed by County Attorney E.L. Schoenthaler and will serve 60 days in the county jail.

Orders are expected to be issued soon from the Rock Island office barring visitors from the Bellevue lock and dam along with similar orders for all lock and dam sites in the district.  The reason given for the order is that the Mississippi locks and dams are important to the national defense of the country and that protective measures for these structures are necessary.  Lockmaster Ramser announces that while no orders have been received here to restrict visitors as yet, instructions have been received to keep the lights on the structure burning from dusk to dawn and this has been done since July 27th.

  The first white settler in our community came in 1838, and became the first resident of what is now known as Scott township.

  Now playing at the Cozy Theatre:  Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes in Young Buffalo Bill;  Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour and Bob Hope in Road to Singapore; and Claudette Colbert, Cary Grant, Kay Francis in In Name Only.

  Because of the Big Ten ruling on minimum admission prices, the University of Iowa next fall will be forced to charge 50 cents for all school pupil's Knothole club tickets for the home football games.  

80 Years Ago

August 1, 1940

  George Weyghandt, who has been absent from his place of business since last Thursday is recovering nicely in his home on second street.  "Jerry" has been battling with an attack of a former ailment which was intensified by the extreme heat and a heavy cold contracted from an electric fan.

  Ben Schwirtz, 20 year old son of Attorney and Mrs. F.H. Schwirtz, wired his parents the good news that he had successfully passed all the final physical examinations and was sworn in as a midshipman in the U.S.Naval Academy.  Ben is one of our up and coming young men and with three years of college training together with his high school education, will no doubt make a record for himself.  To Ben goes the outstanding honor of being the first young man from Bellevue to receive an appointment to Annapolis.

  State Park Custodian reports that there were 925 visitors at Bellevue State Park last Sunday between the hours of 11a.m.and 7p.m.  It was delightfully cool in the park.

  Secretary of Agriculture Brannan said Tuesday there is an adequate supply of foods of all kinds and "there is no need of hoarding or increase in prices."

  Destroy all the raspberry canes that bore this year as soon as they are through bearing.  That will help control anthracnose disease.

  A large discarded tire filled with sand and painted a bright color can add a gay note to the corner of your yard, as well as help your youngster avoid bruises from the edge of a regular sand box.

  July and August are bad ones for marriages.  That is the information furnished by the Division of Public Health Education of the Iowa State Department of Health.  As a "safeguard" against any possible marital trouble the state health board suggests that every husband frequently express his love to his better-half,and each wife cook extra fine meals for her would-be lord and master.

70 Years Ago

July 27, 1950

  Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson, who for the past year have published the Bellevue Herald, have announced the sale of the newspaper to Thomas A. Bates of Geneseo, Illinois, and Donald Murray of Fulton, Illinois.  

  Harold Kueter, operator of the Dr. E.L. Lampe farm on Bellevue ridge, was painfully burned Saturday evening at about 6 o'clock while refueling his tractor.  His most serious injuries were to his left hand.  Harold, engaged in cutting and shocking oats in one of the fields, stopped to refill the tractor gas tank.  Some of the fuel ran over onto the hot motor and ignited the contents of the five-gallon gas can held in his hands.  Flames soon enveloped the victim and Milo and Tommy Kueter, working nearby, hastened to the scent, wrapped Harold in a jacket , extinguishing the flames.  He was rushed to a local physician for treatment. Monday morning a group of relatives and friends finished cutting and shocking the 40 acres of oats.  The group included Vic, Arnold, Herman, Joe, Donald, Nester, Greg, Milo, and Tommy Kueter, and John Schulte.

  Bellevue's first polio case of the current year, Arthur Weis, age four years, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Weis, was removed to Iowa City after his illness was diagnosed by Dr. Dempewolf, and confirmed by hospital physicians.  Fortunately, the youngster is afflicted in a light form and is responding to treatment in the hospital very satisfactorily.

 Forrest Doland and Floyd Dagitz, owners and operators of the "Big D" food store in Bellevue, have leased a building in Galena and will open  a fine new supermarket.

60 years Ago

July 28, 1960

Brave bats were back in action Sunday as they rapped out a 24 to 10 defeat of Bernard in Prairie League play.  It was the bantam weights who were pounding the pill around the Bernard park Sunday while the team's sluggers were somewhat dormant.  Art Yeager had a homer and a triple in three for five, Daryll Egers a triple and two doubles in four for five.  Clyde Even had two doubles in five for seven and Wee Willie Feldeman rapped a double and three singles in seven bats. Bob Engelman turned in the pitching win for the Braves as he went the distance.

50 years Ago

July 30, 1970

  A wedding dance honoring Marilyn Herrig and Mel Berendes will be held August 1 at Lamotte KC Hall;  music by the Paradise Kings.

  The Morning Glory Bakery will celebrate its first anniversary as a Bellevue business with an open house on Saturday, August 1.

  Edwin Webber will retire as rural mail carrier from the Bellevue post office Friday.  He would have served 43 years if he had continued  until September.

  A beer permit for Roger Scholtes to operate at 104 North Riverview in the former Zephyr Tap was approved by the council.

  A Coralville man found guilty of trespassing while trout fishing on Big Mill Creek near Bellevue is seeking a hearing before the Iowa Supreme Court.  Hansen was arrested last week by game Warden Wes Beecher after landowner Edward Weimerskirk notified him Hansen had entered his land. Hansen says trout fishermen have a right to enter property when the landowner allows the state to stock streams with trout.

40 Years Ago

July 24, 1980

  The Bellevue Braves duked it out in the ninth inning to seize victory over Key West, 9-8 last Sunday. Key West tied the game with two runs in the eighth and one run in the ninth. But Bellevue, in the bottom of the ninth with two outs, brought Joel Sturm to bat. He produced the winning run with his second home run of the game.

30 years Ago

August 2, 1990

 Showing at the Grand and Strand in Dubuque: The Blues Brothers and Airplane.

  The Bellevue Board of Adjustment let all concerned know they were in charge Monday evening when they decided to rescind a storage shed building permit for Riverside Addition resident Ben Stanek.  The hotly contested issue went to the Board of Adjustment Monday following an appeal of the Planning and Zoning Commision decision last month.  The discussion over what constitutes Stanek's front and back yards is at the center of the controversy even more than the shed itself.  Confusion over the city's definition of front and back yards and examples city-wide that seem to violate the letter, if not the intent, of the definition has only helped fuel the controversy, say observers.

  The sale of C-I-L of America's anhydrous ammonia terminal here to BellevueLanding, Inc. was completed Friday.  The new grain handling and fuel storage business faces a challenge to the special use permit it was granted to operate here.

10 Years Ago

August 5, 2010

  Painting and other work continues on the commons and cafeteria area in the Bellevue Community High School remodeling an addition last week.  

  Specialist Benjamin Kueter was recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  Sgt. Kueter is a team leader for Charlie Company 3-15 IN.BN. based at Fort Steward, Georgia. He is currently deployed to Iraq.

  Event coordinators have hammered out the basic details of a fundraiser for the Bellevue Parade Victims Fund, including a silent auction and live music.  The parade victims fund has already topped $200,000 and will benefit the over two dozen people injured at Bellevue's Heritage Days parade July 4.