Second Place in 1970

SECOND PLACE IN 1970: The second place trophy for the 1970 Eastern Iowa Conference Tournament is held in this file photo from 50 years ago by Ken Ernst, while his teammates and Coach Bill Pauly look on. The Marquette Mohawks upset predictions by winning their way into the finals of the games at Cascade, but lost to Aquin in the title game.

100 Years ago

January 20, 1920

Mr. Alve Ernst and Miss Anna Roling plight troths at St. Joseph’s Church today.    The bride is a daughter of Mrs. Katharine Roling and the groom is a son of Mrs. Minnie Ernst, two of the prominent families of the Spruce Creek neighborhood.  They are both excellent young people and well capable of fulfilling the new obligations they have assumed.

A young lady called at this office Wednesday noon and after purchasing a copy of the Herald asked a number of questions in a rambling manner.  Leaving this office she went to the Ragatz drug store where she created a big commotion by the vile and obscene language she used, showing beyond a doubt that she was either mentally deranged or in a delirium from some “dope” or prohibition liquor.  It is said she also created a scene at the depot where she boarded the southbound train in the evening.  No one here seemed to know the girl, but Dubuque papers printed accounts of two girls from that city acquiring bay rum jags at LaCrosse, Wisc., and being sent back to Dubuque, and the chances are that she was one of these girls.

Fred Ragatz purchased the O”Connor home on the corner of Market and Fourth streets today.

Frank L. Stowe, Davenport’s greatest hero in the World War and who has been wanted since last August on a charge of stealing over $5000 in registered mail from the Davenport post office, was arrested last week.  The lad comes from an excellent family and is believed to be demented.  It is probable he will be sent to an institution for feeble minded rather than to a penal institution.

Very Rev. N.J. Bies, who expects to go to Europe in a short time, received his passport yesterday from the secretary of state.  It is dated January 14, 1920, and is subject to two renewals of six months each.  

  Born Yesterday-To Mr. and Mrs. James Gross, a girl;  to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Deppe, a girl; to Mr. and Mrs. John Michels, a boy.

Recipe for gray hair-To half pint of water add 1 oz. Bay Rum, a small box of Barbo Compound, and 1/4 oz. of glycerine.  Apply to hair twice a week until it becomes the desired shade.  Any druggist can put this up or you can mix it at home at very little cost.

Shortages may come and shortages may go, but there are always Christmas trees to burn.

 90 Years Ago

January 21, 1930

  Local people shivered in arctic blasts during the past week and obtained much exercise by scooping snow off of walks and by stoking furnaces and stoves.  Friday was the coldest morning of the year as the thermometer went down to 28 degrees below zero.  Practically all of the mail carriers have abandoned their automobiles in favor of sleds and sleighs for delivering the mail.

  Ties Bros. lost heavily financially about two weeks ago when a large stock hog killed a valuable horse and crippled four other horses while the men were away from home attending a sale.  They said that in the future they will keep the stock hog away from the horse lot or render him harmless by knocking out his tusks.

  Wilbur J. Dyas’ milk delivery wagon was badly damaged and many bottles of milk and cream were destroyed early Friday morning when the delivery wagon was struck by an automobile driven by Dr. J. C. Dennison.  The accident happened south of town when Dr. Dennison failed to see the wagon in front of him.

Years Ago-1890-Foot passengers have been crossing on the ice for the past three or four days.  With several more nights like the past two, we will have a safe wagon bridge for Illinois farmers to visit our city.  

Fred J. Schaub has recently purchased the George Beeler residence property on Fifth street.

80 Years Ago

January 25, 1940

 Two of Bellevue’s popular young people were united in the bonds of matrimony at high noon today when Harold L. Feil and Miss Althea Gieseman took their vows at the Little Brown Church at Nashua.

  Representative Grover J. Bittner announces that he will again be a candidate for the nomination on the democratic ticket as state representative from Jackson county, to succeed himself.

 SCHOOL NOTES-Lois Brotzman is the only sick child that has a perfect attendance and has no tardinesses for the entire first semester.

ANNOUNCING: the opening of the Bellevue Maytag Company-opposite the Bellevue Creamery- Phone 8

 From Our Early Files-January 23, 1890-Bellevue has six churches, 2 elevators, 2 creameries, 2 large roller mills, 1 sawmill, 2 drug stores, 1 wharf boat, 3 barber shops, 2 newspapers, 4 hotels, 2 grocery stores, 1 bakery, 2 livery stables, 2 meat markets, 4 harness shops, 3 millinery stores, 3 furniture stores, 2 blacksmith shops, 3 implement houses, 1 photograph gallery, 1 boot and shoe store, 1 restaurant, 1 public school, 2 parochial schools, 2 banks, 1 dentist, 4 doctors, 4 lawyers, 2 contractors.

 COZY THEATRE-Roy Rogers and Windy Hayes in Wall Street Cowboy Friday and Saturday.

70 Years Ago

January 19, 1950

  Dr. John J. Tilton, well-known Bellevue physician, narrowly escaped serious if not fatal injuries at an early hour Friday morning when he dozed in sleep while driving home for Maquoketa, his car leaving the highway running through a field and stopping in a ditch several hundred feet from the roadway.  He had missed considerable sleep and rest during the week and fell asleep at the wheel of his Cadillac.

A large crowd attended the Leo Manders sale yesterday and high bids prevailed for most everything offered.  The high cow brought the fancy price of $220, the entire herd averaging $195 per head.  Corn sold at $1.14, oats 76 cents.  The Manders have sold their farm and will move to Dubuque.

Dyas Bros. have completed their commodious new feed warehouse near their mill.  Dimensions 30 x 84 feet.

Dr. Robt. D. Dempewolf, M.D., opened his office for practice Monday.  The F.H. Schwirtz building on Second Street houses the suite of rooms recently remodeled and redecorated for the new physician.  Dr. Dempewolf is a “home boy” and his relatives and many friends wish him success in his practice.

 According to the annual report of St. Joseph’s Church of Bellevue for the year 1949 there were 564 families and 1920 souls affiliated with the church.  Average attendance at Sunday mass, 1850; daily mass, 450; There were 53 baptisms; marriages 12; deaths, 18.

60 Years Ago

January 21, 1960

  United Telephone Co. is currently installing a dial system for their Sabula exchange.  This has brought speculation that dial service would soon be installed in Bellevue. It is expected that dial service for Bellevue would also eliminate all local operators and that all long distance calles would be handled at Dubuque.  Telephone service in this community has existed for 66 years.  The late Dr. J.C. Dennison built the first lines connecting Bellevue, Andrew, Springbrook and St. Donatus.

 Lloyd “Bub” Ruff, who completed barber college last fall, is now an apprentice in the Orville Jackson barber shop.

 Mrs. Floyd Norpel of Bellevue will appear as a candidate on the “Queen for a Day” program today.  The program, originating in Houston will be seen at 1.p.m. on channel 6.  The Norpels are visiting in the home of their daughter Mrs. John McClean and family in Houston.

MHS news: Carol Koppes is our second casualty model going to classes on crutches.  Veteran cheerleader of three years, Carol tripped at practice and sprained her ankle.  Sophomores hold priority on crutches.  Frist Jim Kueter, and now to support him, there is Derrald Gerlach hobbling alongside his personal attendant carrying two bookbags.

 Grade School:  Speed and accuracy in long division is the aim of grade four.  A. Kilburg, Glenn Manders, Mary Kay Ernst, Betty Medinger, Elizabeth Roling and James Michels have the highest grades so far.

50 Years Ago

January 15, 1970

A decision to continue all 12 grades of parochial education at Bellevue was voted by the St. Joseph’s parish council at a meeting Saturday night.

 Immunization against rubella, or German measles, will be carried out in Jackson county today through the schools of the county.  Children from one to 12 years old, who have obtained the consent of parents, will be inoculated in the school gyms.

   Announcement was made Wednesday afternoon that the Wednesday and Saturday tournament games would be played in the new gym at the high school.

  The 100th anniversary of this newspaper has arrived.  The 100 years comes from the Leader side of the Herald-Leader, that newspaper having been first published in January 1870.

40 Years ago

January 17, 1980

  Judy Ambrosy of the Clothes Horse last Thursday was elected president of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.  She succeeds Larry Lampe who will serve as 1980 chairman of the board of directors.  New vice-president is Charlene Hingtgen of Hingtgen’s Boutique and new treasurer is Rick Remakel of Remakel Plumbing.

  Saturday, January 19th-HARD TIMES DANCE-Bellevue American Legion Hall-dance to “Don Sands Band” 50 cent drinks, free mulligan stew, admission $2.00 per person

  Showing at neighboring theatres- Steve Martin in The Jerk, Bette Midler in The Rose, The Muppet Movie, Al Pacino in And Justice for All, Dustin Hoffman in Kramer Vs. Kramer, and William Shatner in Star Trek.