1931 Bellevue Merchants

Left to right standing: Louis Till, manager; Zimmer, outfield; Lucke, outfield and pitcher; O. Theisen, fast ball pitcher; Dunn, catcher; Simpson, 1st base and outfield; A. Theisen, outfield, Neu, 3b; C. Cole, coach. 

Sitting, left to right: Griebel, pitcher and outfielder; Anderson, outfield; Felderman, outfield; Wandersceid, 2b; Bertsch, ss and Lauterborn, catcher and outfielder.

100 Years Ago

November 1, 1921

  Little Mary Catherine, the two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lahmeyer caused considerable of a panic in the Campbell home Wednesday when she drank a part of a bottle of metal polish, the formula of which contained a poisonous ingredient which made her very ill.  The timely arrival of Dr. Hanske, who applied a stomach pump, soon relieved the little Miss, who no doubt had a close call from death.

  Herman Custer, while hunting on the Louis Efferding place, three miles north of Bellevue, came across the body of a dead man lying face down with a Colt's automatic revolver clutched in his right hand.  The investigation showed that a bullet had gone through his head.  While many circumstances point to a plain case of suicide there are a few things that indicate he may possibly have been murdered and his body brought there and planted.  The body was brought to the Kempter undertaking rooms last evening where it was viewed by a large number of people, none of whom were able to recognize the man.  Unless the remains are identified and claimed by relatives within a day or two, they will be interred in the North cemetery.

  At the Cozy:  Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" with a full Paramount cast.  Best show of the year.  20 cents-30cents, tax included.

  Rev. Father Arthur Belknap, formerly of Lamotte, was ruthlessly murdered in cold blood in the mining town of Lead, S.D.  He was called from his bed to answer a sick ball by a stranger.  

  Joe Roling had an experience yesterday morning that was both new and unique, and was thrilling enough to furnish Joe with all the excitement he will crave for some time to come.  He was bringing a calf to town with him and had the animal tied between the two seats of his seven passenger Overland.  The calf enjoyed the ride until they reached the Joe Schulte place when it took a sudden notion to part with Joe's company and jumped over the front seat landing with one foot in the steering wheel in such a manner it turned the wheel so suddenly that the car turned completely over.  Joe and the calf were fortunate to escape being injured while the car was only slightly damaged.

90 Years Ago

November 3, 1931

  The building formerly occupied by Kucheman men's store has been rented to Tony Kabichis and John Biskynis of Chicago who will conduct a retail fruit and grocery store and wholesale fruit store here after about December 15th.  Both married former Bellevue girls, Mr Kabichi's wife being the former Miss Lucille Hachmann and Mr. Biskynis married Miss Hilds Meier.

  A county unemployment relief bureau has been started in Jackson county.  A survey will be made to determine the number of unemployed and the number of families that will need aid during the coming winter months.  

  Bellevue's old favorites, the Bears, started practice last night for the coming basketball season.  All the veterans are present for another season that is bound to be successful-"Okey" Theisen at center, Jack Blitgen and Mootz at guard, Al Theisen and "Mooty" Blitgen at the forward with VanDanAcker, I. Till and Bertsch at the reserves.

  Basketball practice at Bellevue high has been under way for the past two weeks in preparation for the opening game Friday against Andrew.  The squad is made up of the following boys:  Capt. Marco Gurius, John Schwirtz, Royal Griebel, Marvin Felderman, Howard Jess, Kyle Gaylor, Clyde Cheney, Harold Eggers, Charles Fisher, Donald Weyghandt, Leo Larsen and Lavern Keil.

  The wide turn on the newly graded Scenic highway at the entrance to the State Park is being graveled.  This road was in very bad condition during the recent wet weather and the gravel will be a big improvement.

  A new farm home is nearing completion on the John Budde farm on the new Springbrook road south of town.  It is a two-story frame structure with nine rooms, a washroom, a heated garage under the porch, etc., and it will be when entirely completed one of the nicest country homes in this vicinity.

  Construction work on the new light plant building is progressing rapidly with several bricklayers on the job.

 Another construction crew is working a short distance north of the new light plant building erecting a culvert and run for taking ice from the river to the Bellevue Ice & Coal company's ice house.

  The University of Iowa football team finally came through with a victory Saturday by beating George Washington University by the score of 7 to 0.  Incidentally this was the first score made by the Iowa eleven this year.  However, every college has lean football years and this is "just one of those years" with Iowa, we hope.

  The Legion's Column:  An Armistice Day dance will be held at legion headquarters Wednesday night.  Wib's orchestra will furnish the music and there will be confetti, plenty of noise-and what have you.  It will be a good opportunity for ex-bucks, hand shakers and just plain ex-doughboys to get together, fight the war over again and blow off steam.

80 Years Ago

November 6, 1941

  Miss Leona Pfeiffer, proprietor of the Pfeiffer store and Charles Kohlenburg, one of the prominent farmers of this locality, were married Saturday at the Little Brown church at Nashua.

  In accord with a petition presented to the town council by C.C. Putman, Elm street from Front street to the river was abandoned at a special meeting Monday evening.  Elm street is the street that runs to the river bank south of the George Putman property and continues to second street at the corner of the Seiffert Lbr. company's shed.

  Friends in  Bellevue who happened to be listening to the "Man on the Street" program from Cedar Rapids were pleased to hear the voice of Mrs. Joe Jess of Iowa City.  Mrs. Jess was formerly Dorothy Cheney of Bellevue.

  The G.M. Gibson Co. of Bellevue has been awarded another $5,893 contract by the war department for the manufacture of drills and punches.  The Gibson Co., located in the former piano factory building, has been engaged for some time in manufacturing various articles for the defense program.

Sargeant Milo Lauterborn, is here for a 15 day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arnonld

Lauterborn.  Sgt. Lauterborn is a member of Co. D, 4th engineers at Camp Bowie, Texas.

  John Clausen of the Green Island locality is suffering with a carbuncle on the back of his neck.

  County Health Nurse makes report: Two Jackson county residents died of tuberculosis in 1940.  Four new cases were reported in 1940.  Estimated number of cases is 18.  Three patients are in a sanitorium. . Citing these facts, Jackson County Christmas Seal chairman pointed out that, although effective work has been done, some outstanding weaknesses in the campaign against tb must be corrected if the disease is to be "kept on the run" in Iowa.

  Chicken Fry-Prepared by Al Weyghanddt-Thursday, Nov.6-Card Playing Match for ducks, geese and chickens Thursday and Friday at Danceland Park-Given by John Weimerskirch.

  No less than 14 boats dotted the placid waters of Mill Creek last Sunday-proof of the fact that Bellevue is gaining fame as a pike fisherman's paradise.

70 years Ago

November 8, 1951

  Bellevue folks were shocked Wednesday afternoon when they learned of the death of Herbert Beck, one of Bellevue's enterprising merchants.  He was stricken with a cerebral hemorrhage and was rushed to Memorial hospital where he passed peacefully away.  He married Miss Eleanor Glade and this union was blessed with one daughter, Jan, now Mrs. Roy Brinker.  He is also survived by a nephew, Gerald Beck, whom he took into his home after the death of his parents when he was 12 years old.

  Art's Service Station has installed four new gas pumps this week, making a decided improvement.  The new, low-type pumps are the latest thing in computing devices.

  Surprise Nuptials-Louis (Bud) Knake and Mrs. Lillian Stillmunkes stole a march on their friends recently when they went to Salem, Ark., where they were married Tuesday afternoon.  The happy couple spent their honeymoon in several southern states and are now at home on their farm near this city.  "Bud" is associated with his father in the blacksmith and welding shop in this city.

  Norvil Felderman, Billy Eggers, Clifford Weinschenk and Lloyd Gibbs, stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., spent the week-end with home folks.

  Reed School News: Those on the honor roll were Rita Schlect, Max Reed, Russell and Shirlaine Clasen, Donald Goepfert and Mary Gerlach received honorable mention.

  At Hachmann Hardware-you can buy one of those new sensational Wingmaster Remington repeating shotguns for only $80.80.

  Are American women spoiled?  In the American weekly, the great color magazine distributed with Sunday's Herald-American, read "Exploding the Myth of the Dominant American Wife." Fannie Hurst's graphic description of the average American wife.  You won't want to miss this.

  Do your part to prevent forest fires by using the ashtray in your car.  Then you help to Keep Iowa Green and Growing.

60 Years Ago

November 9, 1961

  Mayor Bud Kinmonth has called another civil defense meeting for Thursday at the Bellevue City Hall.  Mr. Kinmonth said his last call for a civil defense meeting here brought too small an attendance.  "It is vitally important," the mayor stated, "that every able bodied man attend this meeting as it concerns everyone in this area."

  Jack Blitgen was reelected and four new councilmen were named by voters in Tuesday's municipal balloting.  Forrest Doland, Frank Mangler Jr., B.N. Mootz and Burlin Yost are the new men who will join Mr. Blitgen to make up the council for 1961-63.

  That deer which Evelyn Manderscheid saw the other morning was probably the same one which Russ Roth saw a bit later as it came down the south guide wall below the dam and entered the river to swim to the Illinois side.

50 Years Ago

November 4, 1971

  Mark A. Miller, 19, of St. Donatus, died of injuries in a one car crash on Highway 52 near St. Catherine's Thursday evening, October 28.  The young man was alone in his car.  The car apparently went out of control on a curve, stuck a culvert and caught fire after it flew for some distance through the air.

  Search is continuing this week in the Mississippi river north of Bellevue for two duck hunters presumed drowned Saturday evening.  Dan Lambert, 23, and John Huber, 22, both of Dubuque are missing after their skull boat capsized in the river channel at a point opposite the Spruce Creek harbor.Terry Schilling, 20, also from Dubuque, survived the accident and was rescued early Sunday morning from an island near the Illinois shore where he had found refuge during the night.  mr. Schilling said he was able to locate two life jackets in the water and clung to them while the other two hunters stayed with the overturned skull boat.

MHS News: The varsity baseball team closed the season with nine wins and seven losses and a mark of 4-4 in the Eastern Iowa Conference.  Records for the varsity pitchers were Jim Kloft 4-2, Joel Sieverding 3-1, Joe Ploessl 1-3, Jerry Theisen 1-1.  Jim had 56 strikeouts and Joel Sieverding pitched a no-hitter against Cascade Acquin.  Leading hitters were Joe Ploessl.320, Larry Doland .320, Lenny Thielen .300, Jim Kloft .282, Larry Herrig ,265, Larry Nemmers .245, Jerry Theisen .244, Joel Sturm, .170.

40 Years Ago

November 5, 1981

Voter turnout in Tuesday's municipal elections was expectedly light in Bellevue where only 137 people cast their ballot in the city's uncontested election.  Loras Herrig, who was defeated in his first bid for a council seat, led all other candidates with 112 votes, Curt Gothard and Bob Wagner, Jr., received 105and 102, respectively.

  Years ago November 3, 1881: Some of our citizens became panic stricken over the smallpox scare and fled with their families to visit for a while with friends in the country.  But what was their surprise and discomfiture when they found themselves quarantined by their country cousins who met them at the gate and ordered them off the premises.

  Dr. John J. Tilton has sold his medical practice and office building to the Medical Associates of Maquoketa, who in the future will announce their plans of coming to Bellevue.

   The Original Barn Dance-Mooney Hollow Opry presents Roy Acuff and the Smokey Mountain Boys, Saturday, November 14.

30 Years Ago

October 31, 1991

   Marquette Medium:  Jason Knockel, son of Mike and Jean Knockel, is the male athlete of the month.  He is a formidable wide receiver and safety on the Bellevue Comet football team.  Some of his best moments were when he helped beat Cascade this fall.  It was the first time the Comets beat them in seven years.

  Bellevue High School drama students present "The Sound of Music" on a three performance series on the elementary school stage this week.

20 Years Ago

November 8, 2001

Bellevue's south Riverview bank gets flood proofing rip rap project through Army Corps small project program.  That amounted to about 400 dump truck loads of material supplied by the Bellevue Sand and Gravel.

  Voters in Bellevue told City Hall they were satisfied with council members now serving in Tuesday's municipal elections.  Veteran council members Mike Roth and Bill Meyer, along with recently appointed Roger Michels were the pick to remain in their seats.

  The ten-month search for Greg May is still officially a missing person case.  To possibly accelerate the search for their father, or some trace of his whereabouts, his children announced a $10,000 reward last week during a press conference held at City Hall.