Santa Claus Bellevue, IA

This old postcard photo of the train depot in Bellevue came from Steve Natvig of Kimball, South Dakota.  He is a great grandson of John Schoop who owned land and farmed near LaMotte - the end of Sieverding Ridge road - and his children used the Narrow Gauge Railroad to attend Bellevue High School.

100 Years Ago

January 11, 1921

  A meeting of the citizens was held at the Cozy theatre Friday night to take final action on raising the required number of memberships in the Mississippi River Scenic Highway Association to insure the changing of the route so as to pass through Bellevue.  

  Ben and Andrew Roling, two former Bellevue boys who conduct a large jewelry and optical business in Chicago, were the victims of a bold robbery last Tuesday afternoon, when two youthful bandits held up held up Andrew Roling and Philip Grueber, who is employed by Roling Bros., and escaped with $18,000 in money, diamonds and securities.  Binding both men, the bandits emptied the safe, cash register and display windows and escaped in a blue racing car.

The annual meeting and election of officers of the Bellevue Shipping Association was held at the Cozy theatre Tuesday afternoon.  The report of the Secretary-Treasurer, Joe Dempewolf, showed the affairs of the association to be in a flourishing condition.

  A special meeting of the city council was held last night to confer with the parties who are promoting the establishment of a new clay products concern on the Earl Paup farm.

  J.W. Urschel, seventy-five years of age, recently returned from a 1,790-mile motor journey, over which he drove himself the entire distance.  

 Margie: The hit of the season at the Cozy on Wednesday night.  Come early in order to get a seat so you won't have to stand up.  It is worth your while.  One night only.  Not a moving picture.

90 Years Ago

January 13, 1931

   Alex Reed, one of the best known and most successful farmers in Jackson county, has been highly honored as he has been chosen as one of Iowa's Master Farmers.

  The oft-defeated Bellevue high school basketball team went down to Sabula Friday evening and surprised the Sabula team and fans by defeating the strong aggregation of that town by the score of 18 to 17 in an overtime game.

  A wedding of much interest to local people took place Saturday evening when Miss Marjorie Gipe became the bride of William A. Hodoval, proprietor of the local Rexall store.  

  The Iowa Savings bank at Lamotte closed its doors last Tuesday after a run was started on the institution the day before by a false rumor.    The bank at Lamont closed a few days before and the similarity in names caused a rumor to spread that it was the Lamotte institution.  

  The annual meeting of the local Radio Listener's Protective League will be held Friday night at the council rooms at 8 o'clock.  Officers will be elected and other businesses transacted.  

  School News:  New subjects which will be offered for the second semester are Bookkeeping, Junior Business Training, Geography, Solid Geometry, Speech and Economics.   Friday afternoon the St. Joe's Tigers defeated the "Hick" Cagers by a score of 12 to 7.  Sylvester Zimmer, forward of the Tigers, was a high-point man with three field goals.  Merlin Hingtgen of the Cagers was high-point man with two field goals.

80 Years Ago

January 9, 1941

  Bellevue now has two new businessmen in its midst.  They are Clarence Kueter and Clarence Kirk who took over the operation of the Texaco Service Station on Front street, the first of the year.  Both are hustling young men of this community, the former being well-known in Bellevue vicinity as an auctioneer.

  The life of Levi Ryman, 59, a farm hand was snuffed out instantly last Thursday evening when he was struck by an automobile about 100 yards this side of the first bridge a mile west of town on highway 62.  The unfortunate man was walking along the highway about 9 o'clock headed for the Elmer Hoff farm where he expected to chop wood the next day.   The death car was driven by Delbert Kooney, 25.  The driver was not held as it was a clear case of accidental death.

  We again reiterate our belief that this country should stay out of this second world war.  We are opposed to sending a single American boy overseas to fight in this European mess.  We favor an adequate defense preparedness program, for defensive purposes only.

  Traffic on the upper Mississippi river in 1940 showed a 53 percent tonnage increase over 1939, following completion of the last of 26 upper river dams and the resulting full time maintenance of the 9-foot channel, U.S. engineers announced recently.  

  Miss Irene Dunn who had been suffering with a severe cold went back to work at her duties in the First National Bank on Wednesday.

70 Years Ago

January 11, 1951

  County Basketball Tournament is the next big athletic event at the gym.  Annual event to be held here again at the new gym.  The lid will be blown off on Tuesday with two games.

  A note from Mrs. H. Koester renewing her subscription to the Leader brings the distressing news that this worthy couple are both crippled up with arthritis to the extent that they are unable to come up town.

  The Jackson County Chapter reports that 1950 was the second worst epidemic of infantile paralysis in the history of the disease.  In 1950 Iowa was hardest hit per 100,000 of the population of any state in the United States.  This follows right after the worst national epidemic in history.  1949 meant the two worst blows in two successive years, or a total of 70,000 victims.  The tremendous epidemic of the past three years was not expected and we could not predict them in their entirety, but the lesson they have taught us is that the polio-pattern is changing; that we may expect another serious epidemic for 1951.  We must prepare now for the worst.  Infantile paralysis is the only epidemic disease now on the increase.

  Would you please return empty milk bottles to the Creamery or a grocery store, or call us and we will pick them up.  We have used more than 2500 bottles in the past two months.  We are running short.  The Bellevue Creamery

  Men enlisting in the Army from Iowa are sent to Fort Riley, Kansas, where they receive their basic training.  Upon completion of basic training the highest qualified are given the opportunity of attending a technical school.

60 Years Ago

January 12, 1961

  Strict adherence to hospital visiting hours will be enforced at Bellevue Memorial Hospital.  Edith Goetz, superintendent, stated that failure to observe visiting regulations has seriously handicapped the purpose of the hospital in recent months.

  Bellevue's ghost-center of most conversation in recent weeks-have been laid to rest.  Mayor Bud Kinmoth reports that five teenage boys have admitted their parts in the white sheet routine.  The boys appeared before the mayor with their parents recently and were given reprimands.  One youth was involved as driver of the car in which the others rode.  A boy would get out of the car and, draped in a white sheet, wait in a secluded spot for some pedestrian to come along to scare.  One of the five rode along but did not participate otherwise, the mayor said.

  MHS News: The 1961 Betty Crocker homemaker of Tomorrow for Marquette high school is Carol Haiar. Having received the highest score in a written examination on homemaking knowledge and attitudes taken by graduating seniors in her school, she becomes a candidate for the state Homemaker of Tomorrow.

  Bob Lyons, 31, Zwingle, has been named deputy sheriff for Jackson county by Clarence E. Hinke Jr., new sheriff.

    BHS News: The 1961 Betty Crocker Award goes to Jeanette Mangler.

50 years Ago

January 14, 1971

  Bellevue's First Baby 1971 will have companionship.  Born at 4:32 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 6, in Bellevue Memorial Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Even, he is the 11th child in the family.  Robert Thomas is the name chosen for the 9 lb. 1 oz. boy who is welcomed by six sisters snf four brothers.

  The annual ice carnival sponsored by Bellevue Firemen will be held at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan 24, weather permitting.

  Purchase of a meter cleaning machine was authorized at the regular council meeting of the city council Tuesday night.  The machine will cost $330.

 Bellevue has an official population of 2,336.  This is an increase of 155 persons.

40 Years Ago

January 8, 1981

    If you;ve been wanting a good encyclopedia, but figured you'd have to lay out hundreds of dollars for it, we've got a surprise for you.  The Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia.  This week, we're offering volume I for this incredibly low price of 9 cents.  You can complete your set as you shop each week for $2.99 a volume.  Mottet's Jack and Jill

30 Years Ago

January 10, 1991

New fishing regulations are in effect for main channel anglers who want to fish for walleyes and black bass.  Bass, including largemouth and smallmouth as well as spotted, now have a 14-inch minimum length in force.  The minimum length regulation applies to all portions of the Mississippi River in Iowa bordering Wisconsin and illinois.

20 Years Ago

January 11, 2001

  Bellevue City Council members say their first reaction is not to sell any more street stubs, including the small segment of Market that butts the riverbank between HiJak's convenience store building and Bob's repair on Riverview.  LLoyd and Corrine Thola appeared before the council Monday evening to discuss their pending purchase of the JiJa;'s building, their plans to open a buffet style restaurant and their interest in adding more parking space for the business.

  G.L. Stockham and Son is busy installing footings for the new nine-unit Sunrise Villa expansion at Mill Valley Care Center here in Bellevue.

10 Years Ago

January 13, 2011

 Riley Kilburg of Bellevue is one of two Iowa students selected as a delegate to the 49th annual United States Senate Youth Program.  The program includes a week-long educational trip toWashington, D.C. and a $5,000 scholarship.