1979 Bronze Plaque

1979 BRONZE PLAQUE: Bellevue School Board Albert ‘Bud’ Knake, left, and Superintendent Cliff Hammann examine the bronze plaque placed on the elementary school here commemorating the history of the building, which was 134 years old at the time.

100 Years Ago

May 1, 1919

The new war tax law became effective today, May 1st.  When you visit a drug store or ice cream parlor and order any of the delicacies which are there dispensed, don’t be surprised when you have to pay a trifle more to cover the war tax.  

Don’t make it any harder for the druggist or the confectioner than possible.  Pay the little tax demanded and remember you are helping Uncle Sam.

Fatty Arbuckle will be at the Cozy tonight.  Don’t miss him.

Private Arthur A. Henneger who has been overseas two years and who took part in all the great battles with the American forces, after our entrance into the world war writes to his brother Dr. W. A. Henneger, the following description of the battle of the Argonne, which General Pershing stated was the fiercest in which the Americans were engaged.  He began his letter “Dear Bro,”

L.J. Streuser of Preston spent Tuesday under the parental roof in Bellevue.  “Spip” is one of the live wires of his adopted town.

90 Years Ago

May 2, 1929

  Philip VanDanAcker is the new clerk at the Kranz drug store, succeeding Vincent Roling, resigned.

Buy a sandwich of the Westminster Guild Saturday evening.  You will see the girls on the street.

  Miss Cecil Roling drives a swell new Buick four-door sedan which she purchased from J.J. Till, the local dealer.

The Legion minstrels given by members of the Reveille Post of Bellevue made a decided hit, according to reports.  The boys werein fine fettle and gave a very pleasing evening’s entertainment.

Coming to the MAJESTIC theater, in Dubuque, the greatest of all talking pictures “In Old Arizona.”

Chevrolet announces over 500,000 new six cylinder cars sold since Jan 1st.  A new Coach can be delivered for $595.

 Society Notes: The first dance of the season at Oak Lodge in Bellevue State Park on last Friday evening, drew 130 numbers and a fine time was reported by all present.  Music was provided by Suby and His Royal Arcadians.  The event was given under the auspices of the Golf Club and a neat sum was realized.

  American Legion Notes: comrade Millman was considerably embarrased when asked to explain a certain purchase he recently made.  Ask him about this.

  Is our fair city and its equally fair community planning to celebrate when the paving is completed?  We think that such a celebration would be a grand success.

80 Years Ago

May 2, 1939

Henry Sturm moved his tavern Friday night from the Leo Lampe building just south of the Cozy theatre into the John Lampe building, recently vacated by Art Blitgen’s tavern.

We are publishing in this issue three pictures of the paving and town hall projects which, when completed, will do much to improve our town which is second to none for a town of its size. Bellevue is a fine, progressive little city and we hope it always continues to be in that class.

 It’s the time of the year when people, most of them at least, delight in cleaning up their premises, getting them ready for the most delightful time of the year-spring and summer.  Let’s clean Bellevue up for the coming summer.

An Iowa newspaperman defines the careful husband as “the man who doesn’t let his wife put in more garden than she can tend when the weather gets hot.

Tyrone Powers, Henry Fonda and Randolph Scott star in “Jesse James,” showing at the Cozy Theatre Sunday night.

70 years Ago

May 5, 1949

 The thermometer climbed to 88 degrees here Tuesday afternoon, the hottest May 3 on record.

 Hundreds of trout fishermen were on deck early Sunday morning for the opening of the season.  There were many locals and also fishermen from many Iowa counties and cities and many of them caught their limit.

 St. Joe High will graduate 24 on May 29.  

 The Milwaukee railroad’s proposal to discontinue the four-afternoon passenger trains that run between Dubuque and Green Island thru Bellevue will curtail express and mail service here to a great extent.

The governor’s mansion at Des Moines should be something to see.  Anyway, it has a cost enough to be something of a curiosity.  The total cost of the mansion to date, $94,115.35.

The Bush Leaguer: Bob Jack, Eugene Ernst of Willard Eggers, any one of the trio may be called upon to serve them up from the hill in Bellevue.  It is problematical who will start.  We like to keep “Tuffy” at the initial corner, where he is the pier of the league. No one plays it better than good old Tuffy. You all know that one to be true.

  Dwain (Beans DeGear was passing out cigars last Friday in honor of the arrival of a new son at his home.  Beans says he’s goin’ to make a fisherman out of him and if he’s half as good at angling as the old man or grandpa, he’ll be all right.

60 Years Ago

May 7, 1959

 Marquette high school’s baseball team earned a spot in the finals of the sectional tournament at Miles with a 14-0 whitewash of Preston there  Saturday.  Southpaw Allan Eggers hurled his second no-hit game and the Mohawks exploded for 10 runs in the second inning.  Ron Sommers and Tom Lucke had doubles and singles were scored by Joe Marshall, Butch Eggers, and Tom Kilburg.  Butch made all four bases on his single and the Preston miscues.

Bellevue Creamery-Newest Flavor-GoldCrest Rich Ice Cream-Coconut Crunch.  Try some this week.

Students on the honor roll at B.H.S. roll for this six weeks are Ruth Ann Dyas, Shirllaine Clausen, Russell Clausen, Mitzi Freimanis, Alice Wickie, Marcella Horan, Carol Patterson, and Charlene Weigert.

Richard Remakel, president of the Bellevue fire department, was elected chief to succeed Harold Eggers who recently resigned.

 Cowboy singing Star Rex Allen, the Jan Garber band, and big car racing will be headliner attractions at the 1959 Jackson County Fair.

50 Years Ago

May 1, 1969

The Bellevue FlowerShop and Garden Center will hold their grand opening Saturday, May 3.  The new Bellevue business is operated by Mrs. Bob Brockhage who brings to it many years of experience in the florist business.

  The flood crested On April 30 at 20.06 feet.  It arrived two days early and a foot lower than predicted. The 1065 crest 23.51.

30 Years Ago

May 4, 1989

    A Jesup Iowa native was at the Bellevue Library to demonstrate construction techniques to about 30 women who were interested in the construction of Teddy bears.  Natvig real fur teddy bears have become a hot selling item, especially now that her list of customers include such types as New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump.  Trump owns eight Natvig bears.

20 Years Ago

April 29, 1999

  BELLEVUE BUSINESS MOVE ONTO THE WEB-by the end of this century, just eight months from now, many businesses will be “wired” to the world through Internet and e-mail.  Clark boats is one of the first to adopt the technology.  Bellevue Public Library can teach you the ropes, as well as provide a free access location to discover the possibilities of the Internet and e-mail.

10 years Ago

May 7, 2009

  Bellevue officials charge the CP has history of crossing neglect.  

  Bellevue’s  archers Get a Shot at the Nationals.