Riverview Bellevue

100 years Ago

May 31, 1921

  Officials of the Bellevue Pearl Button Works were in Bellevue last week making arrangements with Foreman Bert Whate for the reopening of the local factory.  The company recently moved their old quarters in the Hyler building, purchased by the Bellevue Pottery, to the lower warehouse, which they will completely remodel and will add a lot of new machinery to their equipment.  They expect to start operations in about six weeks or two months with one of the most modern plants on the river.

Cut flowers and plants always on hand at the Flower Store.

 The Cozy is a popular place to rest and relax after your day's work.  They show the best pictures and it is a cool, comfortable place these evenings.

Just twenty-five years ago Wednesday night, on May 25, 1896, Bellevue experienced the terrible flood which came near wiping out the south end of town.  The storm which came down the river with such ferocious velocity Wednesday was just a "gentle" reminder of its predecessor a quarter of a century ago.

  It is reported that the Ford car belonging to Louie Deppe of Mill Creek was taken from near the Columbia hall during the dance last night and no trace of the car has yet been discovered.

The public school teachers picnicked at the Knoll Thursday afternoon.

The new park pavilion was used for the first time yesterday and many compliments on the beauty of the same were heard from the strangers present.  The lighting system with its colored lights looks especially beautiful after dark and is already becoming popular as a resting place for many of the people.

 Give the new wire clothesline two coats of white enamel.  It will make it wear longer and keep it from getting rusty.

The class of 1921 enjoyed a party at the Chocolate Shop last Tuesday evening and a good time was had by all.  Dr. E.A.Hanske, who happened into the parlors, added to the pleasure of the occasion by presenting the young folks with a large box of candy.

 F.H. Schwirtz, Lawyer, office over Rexall Store; all kinds of fire insurance.

90 years Ago

June 2, 1931

 The entire faculty of the Bellevue elementary grade school will take work this summer in the State University school maintained in connection with the university.

 The Bellevue Sand and Gravel Co. will supply the gravel for resurfacing highway No. 62 between here and Maquoketa.  The graveling project will cost the state $5,287.80 for the 8.4 miles from Maquoketa northeast through Andrew and $6,295 for the ten miles from Bellevue to Andrew.

A prominent member of the federal farm board points out that a dollar will now buy three pounds of sirloin steak while a year ago it purchased only two and one-tenth pounds.  Now he should tell the 6,000,000 plus unemployed how to get the dollar.

The Legion's Column:  The post will give an old time dance at the Legion hall Friday night of this week.  Those who like the old time dances are invited to attend.  Wib Dyas, Mrs. Pinnell and Doty will furnish the music.

The height of something or other is to send your wife out of town only to have friend mother-in-law put in an appearance and stay at your house while the wife is away.  That's the state of affairs at one Legionaire's house right now.

We've decided not to come out in favor of paper napkins until they gum one corner of them so you can stick them on your vest so they won't blow away into an inaccessible corner of the room.

The senior class of St. Joe's school had a delightful trip today.  A picnic at Eagle Point Park, Dubuue was part of the program and then a visit to the Monastery at New Melleray took up the rest of the day.

"Welcome to Bellevue" painted in huge white letters on North Bluff is attracting much attention.  Arthur Stuart was the painter, assisted by his brother Clyde.

 We hear much these days about the business depression and hard times, but from the number of automobiles on the highways and according to the number who go to shows and other places of amusement in the larger cities, people still have a few dollars to spend.

Notice: Will not be responsible for damage done to any car or injury to any ault and especially to children on or about Cole's Athletic Field.  By order of Bellevue Merchants Baseball club.

80 Years Ago

June 5, 1941

Paradise Farm, located four or five miles west of Bellevue, operated the past fifty years by Potter Bros., has been rented to Dr. G.C. Bevan and sons of Maquoketa.  The George Scot family have moved into the A. Potter home and will manage the farm for Dr. Bevan.  

Bellevue Boy to be Ordained Saturday.  Ceremony will take place in Dubuque with Bishop Beckman Officiating.  Rev. Kurt will say first Mass on Sunday.

The former Ben Felderman building just south of the post office has been purchased from J.S. Becker  by Doug Taylor Jr. Doug's property, "The Dine and Dance" at the south entrance to Bellevue was recently purchased by the Iowa State Highway commission as part of the proposed overhead crossing.

Outside a famous Southern city there is an old cemetery where the dead of long-past generations lie buried.  There are 1,396 graves in that cemetery-and in only four cases were the persons buried there more than 45 years old at the time of death.   In other words, only one-fifth of one percent of them reached what in these modern times is regarded as the prime of life.

  Around Iowa: Hailstones measuring 11 inches in circumference were found in Prussia township, Adair county recently.  Mrs. Frank Miller, however, "made money" out of the storm.  She found a hailstone which looked brighter than the others.  Upon examination she found a quarter, dated 1854, lodged inside.

Sunday and Monday at the Cozy;Robert Young and Randolp0h Scott in "Western Union."

70 Years Ago

May 31, 1951  

 A group of seven faithful workers spent Monday afternoon at the Red Cross sewing rooms.  The ladies enjoyed a very delicious lunch of sandwiches, pickles, cookies and coffee.  

Celebrate D Day, Wednesday June 6th at Preston New Town Hall-JackSole and his Orchestra.  This is a Hard Time Dance and a pig will be given the lady who catches it.

Dance to Tom Owen and His Cowboys Wednesday June 6, at the Bellevue Gym-Auditorium-finest dance floor in Eastern Iowa.

 Big 'D' Market:  Hey, Kids!  The one bringing in the most box tops from Wheaties, Kix and Cheerios on Friday, June 15th will receive absolutely free an official league softball and bat.  These cereals must be purchased at the Big 'D' and the tops stamped with our stamp.

  It won't be long until the Clarence Sieverding house on N. 3rd street will be ready for occupancy.  The exterior is already painted and the interior is rapidly nearing completion.

  The appearance of the Nick Haiar home on N. Washington street has been greatly improved by the addition of a fine enclosed porch which will mean much to the comfort of the owners during the entire year.

 We Pay Highest Cash Prices for your Wool.  Van's Market, Phone 57.

60 Years Ago

June 1, 1961

  Mayor D.S. Kinmonth announced Wednesday afternoon the appointment of Earl Berendes as Chief of Police for Bellevue.  Chief Berendes has been acting chief since Victor Wemmers was released from that position in early May.

 Don Even, named as playground director for the summer season, announced Wednesday that registration at the playground would be held Monday, June 5.

50 Years Ago

June 3, 1971

  The body of William Ellis, 54, of Chicago, was recovered from a slough on the east side of the Mississippi river Saturday.  He had drowned Sunday when the boat in which he and his wife were fishing overturned.  Mrs. Ellis was rescued from the water by Richard Putman and Henry Leslie of Bellevue after being alerted by a fisherman who had seen the Ellis boat overturn.

Bellevue's river-front lions received a face-lifting last week when the park board authorized painting of the two guardians of the park.

 Voters in the Bellevue community school district will be asked to vote next Monday on issuance of $575,000 in bonds to build a replacement to the century-old grade school building now serving the district.  The $575,000 would allow for tearing down the two old sections of the grade school and replacing them with modern facilities so the plant could give adequate housing to kindergarten through eighth grade.

40 years Ago

June 4, 1981

Following a heated exchange during a meeting of Bellevue's policemen, Mayor Larry Cheney fired police Chief  Clarence Hinke.  The mayor did not describe the event in detail, but did say that Hinke used profanity toward him.

Bellevue City Council learned Monday night that the vacant building at the northeast corner of Second and Court streets, owned by Marvin Goetz, could be remodeled into a combination civic center and ambulance garage for little more than the city originally planned to spend for an ambulance garage.  

20 Years Ago

May 31, 2001

  The good news is flood water finally disappeared from the Mississippi River level camping areas in Spruce Creek Park at Bellevue and South Sabula Lake Park at sabula.  The bad news?  The Jackson County Conservation Board probably lost $30,000 in camping fees already and will see half of the season pass before being able to reopen the popular parks in Bellevue.

  Jam 2 the Dam rolls-Organizers cheer the first event with rainless evening, strong crowd response and plenty of food and music to start the summer season.