October 1950

From October 1950

100 Years Ago

October 12, 1920

  Clarence Manderschied, who recently cut his foot so severely on a corn knife, had another accident yesterday when he stepped into a sharp weed stubble at school with his other foot.  The stem entered the foot between the first and second toes, and penetrated so far that Dr, Lampe, who attended him, was obliged to open the top of the lad's foot to remove the piece of weed.

  Floyd Niles, the 10 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Niles of Third Street, is at the Moulton hospital suffering from a broken leg.  The accident occurred at the school grounds late Tuesday afternoon while Floyd and a number of other boys were enjoying themselves in the swings.  In some manner the swing caught in the electric wires overhead throwing the little fellow out.

  Miss Minnie Young was hostess to the bridge whist club Tuesday afternoon in her usual charming manner at her home on Riverview Blvd.

  What's the use of living if you're constipated-headaches, bad breath, sour stomach, no appetite, languid, lazy, no pep.  Take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.  Women endorse it everywhere.  The Rexall Store.

  On Sunday, October 17, I will give a shooting match for turkeys, geese and ducks at Old Springbrook.  All are invited to be there.  Jacob

  The altar boys of the Holy Rosary church surprised Rev. Father Charles, the Passionist Missionary, with a hickory nut shower Saturday afternoon.

90 Years Ago

October 14, 1930

  The Bellevue Fence Busters lost to Spruce Creek Sunday by a 4 to 3 score.  C. Kueter and V. Kueter led the hitting attack for the visitors each getting 2 hits.  Felderman and Till led the locals in hitting.  In the 4th inning Lauterborn made a nice running catch which he threw to E. Kueter, doubling Theisen at first.

  Frank Mangler, Jr., of Green Island, was able to return home Saturday after four weeks struggle with lock-jaw.

  The following is taken from the Mid-West Hotel Reporter published at Omaha, Nebr.: Mrs. Mary Weck owns and operates the Weck Hotel at Bellevue.  She has been connected with the house since her husband bought it, August 11, 1865, and she is now 90 years of age and still active in the management.

  The  fire department was called out Friday night when a motorcycle back fired and caught on fire at The Blue Bird Garage.

  Joe Young, Grover Bittner, H. B. Pogeman and H.V. Butt attended a creditors meeting of the Rauworth Grand Piano Company in Chicago Thursday.

  We notice in several papers a list of steamboats that plied on the river for the past fifty years.  The original list included sixty-four. This list was added to by the Sabula Gazette increasing the number to seventy-six.

  Dubuque Youth, 22, Admits Killing Boy:  Earl R, Fuller Victim of Moron in Shocking Crime.  Joseph A. Ollinger, alias Joy Ray, 22, confessed late Saturday afternoon to the atrocious murder of 12-year-old Earl Robert Fuller of Dubuque.

  Mrs. Carolyn Pendray, the democratic candidate for a second term as state representative from Jackson county, was in town Friday and Saturday in the interest of her candidacy.  She is the first woman to be elected to the state legislature of Iowa.

  Through arrangements completed with Wynne Ferguson, widely known bridge teacher, lecturer and writer, the Herald is able to offer a series of thirty-six articles on bridge..  More bridge is being played than ever before and in order to master the greatest of all games it is necessary to learn the bidding and play properly.

80 Years ago

October 17, 1940

  Only one case of infantile paralysis has been reported in Jackson county.  Because so little is known of the mode of transmission of this disease and because the children in the school which this child attended were so severely exposed the school was closed and daily inspections of all contacts of the patient were made by the county public health nurse.  

  This community was shocked Wednesday morning, when it was learned that Miss Arlene Norpel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd  Norpel had lost her life in an auto accident Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning in which two companions were also killed and three others died shortly after.  The car in which Miss Norpel was riding was struck by a Rock Island train at a Moline, Ill., grade crossing at 12:40 a.m. Wednesday.

  COZY:  Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes in "The Ranger and the Lady"  and Spencer Tracy and Rita Johnson in "Edison, the Man."

   You Can Wear Free if Drafted: and in service by January 31, 1941, "High Quality" tailored to your order suit, topcoat or overcoat.  You get a "Money Back" draft certificate, which is redeemable if you are called into service before Jan. 31/ 1941, and garments have been returned.  BISDORF'S

70 years Ago

October 12, 1950

  Oscar Ramser of Bellevue, chairman of the Jackson county chapter of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, reported this week that the number of infantile paralysis in Iowa is climbing rapidly.  He added that unless the present cooler weather halts the upward trend of cases of the disease, 1950 may go down in history as the blackest year of the disease in Iowa.

  This week has been designated as hospital food shower week.  All canned foods and staple groceries received by the Bellevue Memorial hospital will be greatly appreciated.  Donors are to bring contributions to the hospital.

  No improvement on U.S. Highways  52-67 from Bellevue to Sabula will be undertaken in the coming year.  Fred White, chief engineer of the state highway commission announced this week that the commission has rejected all work on the 20-mile stretch.

  The sale of the old Bellevue Clay Products building at the south edge of town has been announced by Roeder Brothers.  Clarence Putnam has purchased the two story stone and tile structure which has been in use as a warehouse.

The Story and McCard firm has bought the C.C. Putman fish market with the strip of land running south to Mill Creek and east to the Mississippi river.  The land is being cleared and beautified for the public to use for weekend fishing.  The Story and McCard firm will operate the boat and bait service and George Putman will continue the fish business.

  WEDDING DANCE: honoring LaVonne Gonner and Gregory Welsch; Wednesday, October 18 Springbrook; Everybody welcome; music by the Oklahoma Cowboys.

60 Years Ago

October 13, 1960

  Basement walls for the six-room addition to Bellevue public school have been formed this week.  Necessary excavation for the building was carried out last week by Remakel and Felderman.

  MHS NEWS:  Epworth romped to a 15 to 5 baseball victory over the Mohawks Friday at Cole Park.  The losing pitcher was Bob Eggers, who was making his first game of record this season.  Art Ploessl did his share by driving in tree runs with a three run homer in the sixth.  

  Characters in the play "The Little Dog Laughed" have been chosen. The main cast are Peggy Callaghan, Robert Michels, Bonnie Bees and Loras Watters.


50 Years Ago

October 15, 1970

  Curtis Morlan, high school math and junior high science teacher, was fired by the Bellevue board of education at their Monday night meeting.  The meeting to terminate his contract came in open session following a 30-minute session in which Mr. Morlan was given a hearing before the board.  The teacher had been suspended from teaching two weeks earlier.

  Every Thursday Night-BUCK NITE FOR CHICKEN; 3 pcs. chicken, slaw & french fries $1.00.  Anchor Inn


40 Years Ago

October 16, 1980

  Doors will squeak as if in unbearable pain and the walls will literally come alive as visitors to the Bellevue Jaycees' haunted castle pass bravely through the deteriorating realms of the town's famous Mont Rest.

 Bellevue's Cozy Theater basement has served as a haunted dungeon for the local Jaycees for the past three Halloweens.  But the club decided this year it was time for a change of scenery.   Mont Rest had been recently purchased by Curt and MaryJo Gothard with plans of renovation.  The Jaycees got the Gothard's consent to use the house for a haunted castle before they started their renovation plans.

  Five men who rode horses through Bellevue at night pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge Thursday and each paid a fine of $20. The men were charged with interfering with the official acts of a peace officer in the performance of his duties by eluding the officer on horseback.  The charges were filed after Bellevue policemen Walt Doty and Scott Reed chased the horsemen in the city's patrol car through streets and alleys with red lights flashing and sirens blaring.

  MHS News: A new trend has started at Marquette.  Three girls have decided to join cross country.  There is one junior, Cathy Marshall, and two sophomores, Marilyn Ernst and Carol Till.

30 Years Ago

October 18, 1990

    Members of the Bellevue Community Club  volunteers last weekend constructed a new shelter at Cole Park.  Club members donated labor and helped raise funds for the 30 x 40 foot shelter which is located near shade trees and playground equipment in the city park.

20 Years Ago

October 12, 2000

  Bellevue's Pamida discount store recently opened its doors to the public following the purchase and conversion of the former Place's Discount store on Highway 62 West.  

10 Years Ago

October 14, 2010

  The first degree murder charge against Danielle Lynn Holdgrafer in the death of her preschool-age son in June has been dismissed for lack of evidence.  Three additional counts of child endangerment remain against her.  Holdgrafer's husband Andrew Holsgrafer, 32, died of a heart attack on Sept. 4 at a Maquoketa residence while he was released on bond,  He had been charged with child endangerment resulting in death.