100 Years Ago

February 10, 1919

Ben Felderman, one of our leading young farmers, has rented his place west of town to John Theisen. Later he intends to split up the farm and will build a fine new house on the south side of the main road.

Frank J. Ernst handed us $1.50 last Tuesday and will enjoy reading the Leader this coming year.  Many thanks, Frank.

At the meeting of the directors of the Commercial Club last Friday evening the proposition of erecting a suitable building in Bellevue as a memorial to our soldiers  who freely gave up their lives in the world war and to all those also who in any way participated in that conflict was discussed.

  Hear the Saxophone Sextet at Columbia Hall next Monday evening.

The names of Privates Peter Ilg, Edward Krabbenhoft and Arthur Entringer of this locality appeared in recent casualty lists as slightly woulded.  

The income tax man was kept pretty busy here the past week and it is said that quite a number were compelled to "fork over" to the government in various amounts, some running into the hundreds.

The bill to give women the right of suffrage lacked one vote of a two-thirds majority in the United States senate last Monday.  Both Iowa senators voted for passag.e.

For Sale: residence on 4th and Market street.  Inquire of Mrs. Margaret Hipschen.

90 Years Ago

Feb 9, 1929

Somebody is always trying to take the joy out of life. Now folks are beginning to worry about what will happen when the snow begins to melt.

Bellevue High met defeat Friday evening at the hand of the strong and undefeated Sabula team by the score of 21 to 13.  It was a fast and furious game all the way with the locals having a chance at victory until the closing minutes of play.

"Mooty" Blitgen was high point man for the Bears with 7 field goals and 1 free throw for a total of 15 points.  His brother Jack was 2nd with 5 field goals for a total of 10 points.  

  A recipe for Jambrlie:  4 slices bacon, 1 medium sized onion, 1 cup cooked rice, 1 cup canned tomatoes, 1 green pepper, 1 bay leaf, 1/2 teaspoon celery salt, salt and pepper.  Cut the bacon and nion into small pieces, broil together til brown.  Add to this cooked rice, tomatoes, chopped green pepper, by leaf celery salt, salt and pepper. Cook until thick.

The recent rise in the price of corn is credited with "making millions of dollars for Iowa farmers."  Yes, in a pig's ear!

The Marx Brothers, starring in "Room Service" is showing at the Cozy Theatre Friday and Saturday.

Remember the time when women carried parasols and wore elbow length gloves to protect them from the sun?  When women with their long skirts had difficulty in climbing into the one-horse surrey?  Well, those were the days before women held jobs and dressed in sun-tan suits.

80 Years Ago

February 7, 1939

  Good headway was made on the new town hall building during the past week.  Yesterday the building was 44 perent complete, Foreman Busch announced.

  Norbie, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Norpel, had both hands burned last week when the little fellow fell onto a hot air register.  He was given medical care at the office of Dr. E.A. Hanske.

  Ben Roling, proprietor of Bellevue Ice and Coal Co,. filled his ice house with tons of 10 and 12 inch ice.  About 40 men worked two days with a conveyor belt to move the 200 pound blocks of ice.

  Fire in egg crates, chick cartons and peat moss on the second floor caused damage at the Tony Till Hatchery Tuesday afternoon.

  The battle of the town hall clock continues with unabated fury in or neighborinng city of Maquoketa.  From news stories it must be quite a highly paid duty to keep the thing running as funds for that purpose are eternally running short.  Why can't the pen pushers who write so industriusly pro and con about it devote that time to winding the clock?  Or where is the city council?  Over here at Bellevue every knotty problem is turned over to the council to solve.

  Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Rolling, accompanied by their daughters, Dorothy and Helen, motored to Rochester, Minn., where Miss Dorothy enters training school for nurses.

 70 Years Ago

February 10, 1949

In Hospital Notes-Births:  Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Ries a girl Feb.4,  Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hachmann, a boy Feb. 8,  and Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Dempewolf a son Feb. 9.

  Mrs. L. E. Yeager treated a few intimate friends to a delicious chicken dinner Sunday evening.

Bisdorf's advertised Gotham Gold Stripe nylon stockings, $1.65 value at an undreamed price of $1.15 or two for $2.20.

60 Years Ago

February 5, 1959

  The Knights of Columbus basketball team handed the Dubuque Legion team a 68-62 defeat in play at St. Joseph's gym Monday night.  Bob Engleman scored 24 points, Butch Ernst scored 19 points and Slim Clasen hit for 14 points.

  The many friends of our genial Rexall druggist, Wm. Hodoval, will be glad to learn that he is showing steady improvement and is expecting to be brought home Sunday.  He, however, will be confined to his bed for several weeks more.

  "Golly Wogs, pert young shoes with winning winsome ways.  Saddles, yes! But a host of other patterns..in a myriad of colors, too. In red and white, black and white and green and white $4.95 and $5.50" at Lucke Bros.

  Mr. and Mrs. William Hodoval have purchased the riverside property just north of the town limits from Eldon Kurth.  The property, formerly known as the Schulte place, has 140=foot frontage on the highway and on the river.

We are making Bellevue history right now.  Our river frontage in nearly gone.

 New homes are popping up everywhere.  We have modern meters for our streets and the street lighting is the best.  We have a fine city park system, and  free municipal parking lot, adjacent to our front street. We have a municipal light plant, and a factory.   We have new families, refugees from Communism, who have found shelter with us , and whom we love. We have a skating rink and a ball park.  we have two gymnasiums, and two schools, three churches, and many fine business places.  

We have a hospital and doctors and nurses.  We have welcome signs on the three roads that lead to us.  It sums up this way.  Bellevue is a great little town, and we are proud to live here and be a part of her.

50 Years Ago

February 6, 1969

  A flock of robins-certainly the first of 1969-showed up Tuesday in the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Reistroffer who live on Big Mill Creek road just west of Bellevue.  Mrs. Reistroffer said the flock of 15-20 robins came into the yard, then went to the orchard where there is cracked corn set out for the birds.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roling of Bellevue announce the engagement and approaching wedding of their daughter, Elizabeth Jean and Michael Roth.  

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Roth of Bellevue. Vows will be exchanged Saturday, June 7.

January 1969 will be known for the return of the Ice Age to Bellevue.  The weatherman, who had given this area some mild winters in recent years, madeup for most of them with a rugged 31 days of blizards, freezing drizzle, snow rain and fog.  

There was as much as 10 inches of snow on the ground at times here, but toward the end of the month it was a rovk-hard crust of frozen snow.

0 Years Ago

February 8, 1979

  The Anchor Inn advertised a Valentine Disco in the upper deck and a prime rib dinner for $5.50 in the lower deck.

  An ad for Keil's Electric introduced the new 1979 Zenith Chromacolor II 23" console television for $599.95 with trade.  It was available in Transitional style, Medeterranean style, or two versions of Early American.

30 Years Ago

 February 9, 1989

  In the Classifieds-We now rent video tapes on Turkey and Deer Hunting and Bass and Walleye Fishing- Bellevue Sportsland.

  Nonnie's liquor Store advertised specials as did MaMa Maiers-coming soon-Joe's Tex Mex.

20 Years Ago

 February 10, 1999

   In Business News:  Rick Zeimet joined the staff at Lampe's True Value in Bellevue.  Leonard Ernst returns to Bellevue as the Lockmaster in the place where his career with the Army Corps of Engineers began.

  They're back!  Bellevue will be the end point for the Des Moines Register's RAGBRAI XXVII this summer.

10 Years Ago

 February 5, 2009

  Showing at the Voy Theater in Maquoketa-Clint Eastwood in Grand Torino, Tom Cruise in Valkyrie and Paul Blart in Mall Cop.

   Bellevue native Mark Ernst, 49, begins his second full week on the new job.  This time with the title of deputy commissioner for operations support with the Internal Revenue Service, Washington, D.C.

 Lowell Carlson, editor of the Bellevue Herald Leader was in Des Moines recently with co-workers and family to humbly accept the award of Master Editor-Publisher.