Dave Meier

Dave Meier 40 YEARS AGO holds the main door prize that was given away at the Anchor Inn during the first Ducks Unlimited Banquet here. (Herald-Leader file photo)

100 Years Ago

Sept. 4, 1919

Things have been "popping" at the piano plant in the north end of town ever since the arrival of Chas. Petersen, foreman for the Piano Company which has taken over the plant and will soon start manufacturing pianos on a large scale.

O. Goettler, son of John Goettler, broke his arm while cranking an automobile and was brought to the Moulton hospital for treatment.

Fred Schroeder received a check last Monday for $1,000 from the Lutheran Mutual Aid Society in payment of the policy carried by his late wife who passed away a short time ago.

The local ice supply is so low that deliveries to private homes was discontinued this week.

Another serious accident occurred on Pat Dunne hill, the worst hill in Jackson county, last Sunday afternoon. Six people, all of Olin, were injured when the large Lozier touring car in which they were riding turned over in attempting to make the sharp turn at the foot of the hill leading to Bellevue.  Not being warned of the danger in making the descent on this "death trap" hill, misfortune overtook them.

Forty or more Bellevue people with a number of guests from other cities enjoyed a picnic at Sieverding's Springs on Labor Day.

The Moulton hospital is putting in a nurse's silent call signal system, whereby a patient may call a nurse at any time simply by pressing a button.

90 Years Ago

Sept. 4, 1929

 As usual, a big crowd assembled at Bellevue State Park last Sunday.  Many of them arrived at noon and enjoyed a picnic lunch, every available table being used.

 Bellevue people failed to show their appreciation of a fine motion picture dramatization.  "The King of Kings" presented at the Cozy Theatre two nights last week for the benefit of the library resulted in the library losing money on the venture.  The totals receipts were $70.50 and the expenses $72.54.

Walter Gable, 35, serving a six months sentence since June 19, for illegal possession of liquor and who has been working on the road gang on highway 117 left the road gang Tuesday without permission.  He is medium height, light build, light hair, has several teeth missing and has large blue eyes.

80 Years Ago

Sept, 5, 1939

THOUSANDS ATTENDED THE TWO-DAY CELEBRATION-perfect weather greeted the throngs of people who attended the Labor day celebration and the dedication of the Locks and Dam.

We have heard of calves with two heads, three eyes and five legs, but Clemens Abeln has a freak calf born Thursday which is the tops when it comes to oddities.  The calf perfectly healthy and well formed is minus hair except on the tail and knees. The rest of its body is as slick as a bald head, but the skin is mottled or marked like the hair would have been.

 A catfish weighing 51-1/2 pounds was caught on a line dropped by Wyley McCard. It is the largest catfish to reach the Putman fisheries for two or three years.

Ptomaine poisoning proved fatal to Charles F. Bluel of Lamotte in  Moulton Hospital here Friday.  Twelve days previous Mr. Bluel ate some mutton which had not thoroughly cooled and the illness followed.  Several others ate some of the mutton and became ill but they recovered.

Howard Taylor, special policeman, was painfully injured about 1:00 o'clock this morning when he fell from an automobile while responding to the fire alarm.  He was riding on the running board of a machine when the door opened, throwing him to the pavement.

 GAS IS CHEAP in Bellevue-regular, 13.9 ; ethyl, 15-1/2; Bulk Oil Station-W.F. Norpel, Second Street-direct from the refinery to you.  No middlemen or white collars to feed.

70 Years Ago

September 1, 1949

  Messrs. and Mesdames Robert Roling, Ronald Petesch, Robert Hinke, and George Hinke arrived home last Sunday from their vacation trip thru Minnesota and Canada.

  When Miss Clara Fry opened a drawer of her dresser recently, she found a three-foot bullsnake, very much alive, coiled in the drawer.  A neighbor shot the snake.  No harm done, except to the snake, but Miss Fry had a bad case of nerves.

   Gerald Theisen celebrated his eighteenth birthday Wednesday by enlisting in the regular army and was sent to Fort Riley, Kansas.

60 Years Ago

Sept. 3, 1959

  The town of Bellevue was named principal beneficiary of the estate of the late Joe Young, who died Aug. 12, leaving no heirs.  It was estimated that the value of the estate would be in excess of $60,000.  In addition to the residence property, the business building in which the B.N. Mootz hardware and the Young Tin Shop located at 122 South Water Street was made part of the property to be given the town to endow the museum.

The Late Joe Young has left his home community quite a legacy.  His will, directing that a museum be established in the name of him and his wife is going to become a community benefit of increasing proportions in time to come.

 Bob Theisen and Larry Michels arrived home Friday after their discharge from the Army following their two year enlistment program.

 The 6,000 limit on deer license applications available to shotgunners in 1959 was reached in the first mail delivery August 9.

50 Years Ago

Sept. 4, 1969

  Roy Cheney will open his new restaurant, tavern and marina to the public Monday at the riverside location north of Bellevue.

  Bellevue's most famous landmark, the Dyas Mill, will go on the auction block.  The mill was erected in 1843 by Edridge Potter.   Pfc. William L. Reistroffer arrived home Friday from Ft. Polk. La. where he completed his basic training.  At the conclusion of his leave he will report to Oakland, Ca. for deployment to Vietnam service.

40 years Ago

Sept.6, 1979

  All three national television networks were represented as well as a multitude of newspaper reporters along with about 5,000 people serving on the welcoming committee as President Jimmy Carter arrived on the Delta Queen riverboat accompanied by two Coast Guard ships, nine Coast Guard cabin cruisers and speed boats.  Overhead flew security helicopters.  In addition, more than 60 security officers traveled with the president.

  Bellevue's Comet softball team not only ended the season with an outstanding win, but also saw seven members named to the 1979 Big Bend All-Conferencee teams.  leading the list were shortstop Ann Schroeder and pitcher Penny Knake who were the only unanimous choices for the All-Conference first team.  Ann Schroeder, Penny Knake, Denise Gerlach and Brenda Scholtes have been named to the All-State softball team.

30 Years Ago

August 31, 1989

  Riverboat gambling boats will be able to dock in Bellevue and Sabula as the referendum passed by a narrow margin on August 29.

20 Years Ago

Sept. 2, 1999

  On September 24, the sprawling military reservation across the river from Bellevue will welcome visitors for the last time as a munitions storage facility.  Target date for the transition to civilian activities is March 2000.

10 Years Ago

Sept. 3, 2009

  You can still be a sidewalk superintendent and watch the Great River Road Bridge at Bellevue go up this summer, or you can go to your own computer and see the six-span 657 foot long steel bridge's own website.