1963 Cartoon

From the Bellevue Herald-Leader editorial page, 1963, a cartoon by the late Sarge O’Neill of Bellevue.

100 Years Ago

January 30, 1920

One of the most shocking accidents recorded in this vicinity for some time occurred at Green Island Thursday evening when Vincent Cletus, the little six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ottaway was run over by an automobile while coasting near their home and instantly killed.  The car was driven by Frank Mangler, who was taking Dr. Moulton of this city from the station at Green Island to his home to attend his young son, who was seriously ill.

Celebration of the marriage of Miss Kathryn E. Ries and Mr. William J. Knockel was an event that took place at St. Joseph’s Church this morning.

 The passing of Miss Barbara Veach at the home of her mother removed from our midst one of Bellevue’s most ideal examples of perfect young womanhood.  She suffered an attack of influenza a year ago in Chicago, which was followed by an attack of pleurisy in April, from which she was convalescing nicely when cerebral meningitis set in about two weeks before her death.

Mesdames George Zentner and J.R. Collins will entertain a number of their lady friends at a kensington tomorrow afternoon at the home of the former on State street.

Yesterday N.C. Bisdorf sold his beautiful residence property, Cedar Crest, located on the corner of State and Fifth streets, to John B. Kurt, the consideration being $14,000.

For Sale: Brick house, modern improvements, furnace heat, bathroom, electric lights, fireplace, hardwood floors, built-in refrigerator.  J.G. Young Estate

Attorney F.H. Schwirtz and family will occupy the Reed residence on the corner of Sixth and Court streets.

Miss Margaret Till was greatly surprised Wednesday evening with an aluminum shower when forty of her friends walked in on her at the home of her parents.  The evening was spent in games and dancing and at midnight a delicious lunch was served.  Miss Margaret received many beautiful and useful presents of aluminum ware.

COZY Theatre all this week: Clifton Comedy Co., 7 Big High Class Acts-7 each night.  Thursday night is the Big Double Show and Pig Race-See some lady catch the live pig on the state Thursday night.

90 Years Ago

January 28, 1930

  There will be a meeting of all members of St. Joseph’s parish Sunday morning at the church.  The plans call for the new school building will be discussed, also means of raising finances for the undertaking.

  The Bellevue Bears will meet DeWitt Moose team tomorrow night and the existing feud between the two quintets will be settled for this season at least.  The Moose challenged the locals for a return game to decide the issue.    All members of the team are in excellent condition except D. Gaylor, who is out on account of a dislocated shoulder.  O. Theisen, “Mooty” Blitgen, Jack Blitgen and Ray Mootz, Kenneth Yeager and Isadore Till. If the weather is not too severe, it is probable that a large number of local fans will take their cowbells along and do all the can to help the boys win.

  Winter still keeps a strangle hold on Bellevue and the past week has been especially severe.  Wednesday morning thermometers reported 26 degrees below zero and some reporting as low as 37 below.

80 Years Ago

February 1, 1940

 A crew of Iowa State Highway Commission surveyors have been busy the past few days surveying and rechecking the location of the proposed overhead crossing on South Front street.

Mrs. Elizabeth Weimerskirch closed a deal the past week for the sale of her property a the northwest edge of Bellevue to Wm. Lucke Jr.  The property consists of an eight room house with three acres of ground which is set out to a variety of fruit.

Ben Rolling, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rolling and their six year old son, Charles, went to Iowa City Wednesday, where Charles was entered in the University hospital. The child is suffering with right mastoiditis.

Albert Cheny, Federal game warden in charge of the local fish rescue station, visited this office Friday and informed the editor that the cause of the death of a number of ducks found on an open area in Pool 13, was lead poisoning.  The shot are picked up by the ducks in shallow water when they are feeding.

MOULTON HOSPITAL NOTES:  Mr. and Mrs. Howard Felderman are the happy parents of twins, a boy and a girl, born at the hospital last Friday.

  Residents who are worrying about all the water we are going to have when the snow melts are referred to the old saying “Big Snow, No Water.” This has never failed to hold true, we are informed by one old-timer.

70 Years Ago

January 26, 1950

  Mr. and Mrs. Harold Goetz have sold their house several weeks past and plan to erect a new hose on North Front Street in the spring.

CLASSIFIED ADVS.-Lost, Black Sheaffer fountain pen. Reward.

COZY THEATRE:  Sunday and Monday-Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan- “I was a Male War Bride.”

   A number of relatives and friends gathered in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Norpel last Wednesday evening for a house warming.  The evening was spent playing cards, and Mrs. Norpel served a mid-night supper.

  On February 1st Social Hygiene Day is being sponsored all over the nation.  The American Social Hygiene Association has a year-round program, but especially in February they sponsor campaigns for improving the health of our people.   They work to eliminate venereal disease in our United States.

60 Years Ago

January 28, 1960

  Construction of a large room under St. Joseph Church has been planned in connection with expansion of parochial school facilities it was announced this week.  The cafeteria and dining hall, presently being operated in Marquette high school, will be moved to the church basement to afford needed classroom space in the high school building.

 Mrs. Merlin Morett announced last week that she and her husband plan to open a public laundry service in Bellevue soon.  A Maytag equipped , coin operated laundry is to be installed in the Fuller building at 212 South Water street.

  Present at the January 2, 1960 council meeting: Mayor Kinmoth and Councilmen Blitgen, Cheney, Frank, Taylor and Watters.  The council appointed Virtus Clasen to serve as Town Clerk for the year 1960.

  M.H.S.:  As a result of Larry Ambrosy’s and Dennis Kelly’s shoe exchange last week, some freshmen are quite perplexed.  Accidentally glancing over the pew during Communion, Joe Blitgen saw one white buck staring up at him from the midst of three black leather shoes.

Jane Doland has been named Marquette’s Future Homemaker of 1960.  Her title is the result of receiving the highest score in a 50 minute written examination on homemaking knowledge and attitudes.

 High scorers in the seventh grade reading tests are Barbara Daugherty, Linda Herrig, Michael Roth, Jean Stuart, Mary Ann Plasters, Tonie Hurley and Gary Diechelbohrer.

 B.H.S.: Plans are underway for the making of the Annual.  Editors: Alice Wickie and Norma Keil; Senior editors: Norine Felderman and Phyllis Achen; Manage Editor: Carol Ploeger.

50 Years  Ago

January 22, 1970

  Bellevue Jaycees are marking Founders Day, Jan.22 on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the national organization.  In Bellevue the organization is headed by Forrest Edwards, president; Larry Michels, first vice president; Gerry Templeton, second vice president; Virgil Eggers, secretary; Donald Frank, treasurer; and James Fenton, chaplain.  Don Even is past president; George Schneider, state director; Dennis Walgamuth, internal director, and Larry Ambrosy, external director.

  The annual winter carnival sponsored by the Bellevue Fire Department will be Sunday at Cole Park.  New feature of this year’s event will be free snowmobile rides for all.  For skaters there will be speed races and novelty races.  Firemen will serve hot chocolate to all attending.

An intercity meeting of the basketball teams of Marquette and Bellevue high schools will be played at the new high school gym.  Admission to the games will be by advance tickets only.  No admissions will be sold at the door.  All tickets will be priced at $1 and only 1200 will be sold.

Because of depleted oxygen, which is killing fish, promiscuous fishing will be allowed in the waters of the Green  Island game management area.  Species of fish may be taken by any means except use of explosives or any stupefying substances.  Sale of any of these fish is prohibited.

40 Years Ago

January 25, 1980

 President Carter received a firm endorsement from Bellevue Democrats at the party caucus Monday night at City Hall.  A total of 56 persons attended the caucus.  Republicans bucked the statewide trend and threw the bulk of their support in a straw vote to former California governor Ronald Reagan.  State-wide favorite George Bush finished as a far-third choice among Bellevue area Republicans.