Officials are announcing a new Bellevue Arts Council event, the Mini Spring Art Art Event - Virtual Art Show, that can be viewed on the local Bellevue cable TV channel 40 every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday through July 4 at 2 p.m.  Above is a photo of a painting by retired art teacher and Bellevue Arts Council founder Dave Eischeid that will be featured in the virtual event. What makes this event different in character is that technology is the primary method of presenting and viewing the show and its artworks. It is presented through the work of Joannie Kilburg, who collected the 15 artworks, then organized all into a presentation, along with an overview of the Bellevue Art Council's history and mission in the community.  “This is a new and innovative approach to display our local artwork for people in the community to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes and perhaps purchase if they so desire,” said Eischeid. “We encourage everyone to come be a part of a new approach (hopefully temporary) to fine art in Bellevue.”