water tower

The Bellevue water Tower was power-washed inside and out in the summer of 2013 by K&W Coatings, pictured above. The last cleaning prior to that was in 1997. (Herald-Leader file photos)

It has been about 25 years since Bellevue’s 145-foot tall water tower was painted.

Erected in 1979, the tower may receive a new coat again in the near future as members of the Bellevue Utility Board discussed proposals for the work last week.

Bellevue Utility Superintendent Jamie Haxmeier, said enough time has passed that mold is now noticeable, with the topcoat finish partitally gone.

Haxmeier also received a proposal from K&W Coatings LLC: interior painting with a zinc and epoxy coating at a cost of $55,860 or polibrid coating of $68,400 and exterior painting of $43,450.

A cost savings appears to exist when painting both interior and exterior at the same time. Haxmeier discussed the two interior options with IIW Engineers said and the polibrid coating could last roughly 10 to 15 years longer.  

Utility Board members also discussed funding for the large project and requested that City Administrator Abbey Skrivseth provide a few funding options for the February meeting.

Then there was the topic of color. Haxmeier said it was recommended to have at least the lower section of the tower in a darker color for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The quote should not change much if different colors are used unless something exotic or detail oriented was requested. The Board liked the idea of a two-tone tower and getting input from citizens of Bellevue.

The Board will discuss the subject further and look to make a decision at the February meeting.