Freak Spring Blizzard

-Caption from Thursday, April 12, 1973 issue-Activity in Bellevue came to a near stop after the record 12 inch snow that fell on Monday and Tuesday.  For nearly two days roads into town were closed while city and county snow plows worked feverishly to remove drifts.  Those motorists who did make it to town were often sorry they came as their autos soon became buried under the snow.  Meanwhile, children enjoyed a two day vacation resulting from school cancellations.

I'm sure when you walked out your door this morning you were not expecting the temperature to be quite so cold and if you were outside around 7:15 this morning you also got a shock when you realized it was sleeting! 

We've got something to make you feel a little better about the chilly and rainy day though.  Check out this photo and caption from April 12, 1973!  So while the temperatures definitely aren't at the level they were the past couple of days, at least we can say we didn't get a blizzard.

From the article written this day, 46 years ago:

"A freak blizzard which left a record snowfall in northeastern Iowa brought the Bellevue area to a virtual standstill earlier this week.  The 12 inches of snow was accompanied by winds of up to 40 m.p.h. creating huge drifts. 

Motorists attempting to get to work were met by impassible roads while some people could not even find their cars under the snow.

One of the busiest persons during the blizzard was Wilfred Smithson who traveled over 70 miles on a snowmobile.  Smithson aided stranded motorists and provided transportation into inaccessible areas."