The volatile cost of steel forced the Jackson County Board of Supervisors to award a steel contract to a different bidder last week.

On April 20, the board had awarded a contract for about $70,876 to O’Brien Steel Service to purchase I-beams. O’Brien had submitted the apparent low bid of the two bidders.

Less than a week later, Jackson County Engineer David Dryer received a message from O’Brien saying the supplier couldn’t honor the bid price because the price of steel had increased so much, Dryer told the supervisors.

O’Brien’s new bid was almost $5,000 more at about $75,472.

The initial bid from Skyline Steel was for $75,087, thus making it the apparent low bidder.

The supervisors rescinded its offer to O’Brien and awarded the steel contract to Skyline.

“You know, we might see more of that,” Supervisor Mike Steines noted.