Another item on the Tuesday, March 2 special election ballot that voters from Bellevue will see is a question on whether to re-authorize the current revenue purpose statement for S.A.V.E. (Secure an Advanced Vision for Education) funds for the Bellevue Community School District.

According to school officials, the measure will not affect any local property taxes, as it is merely an extension of the existing S.A.V.E. revenue for all school districts in the state of Iowa. It is a result of the Iowa Legislature extending the program through 2051.

As a result of the extension, voters in each Iowa school district will hold an election to authorize school boards how to best use the revenue beyond January of 2031. The revenue purpose statement allows public schools to spend their share of the revenue generated by sales tax funds collected across the state.

Voting yes will not increase local property taxes, according to Bellevue Superitendent Tom Meyer.

β€œAt a time when the pandemic has had an impact on various entities in the community, area, state, and beyond, this is simply a vote to approve the S.A.V.E. funds to be utilized by the school district. It is not asking for more money. It is not raising taxes. It is not a new expenditure,” said Meyer. Simply put, it is a common ballot item that must be approved by 50% (plus-one) voters in our school district to allow the district to have the authority to utilize the money.”