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The Bellevue School Board met last Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. to discuss the school district’s four-week closure due to the threat of Coronavirus (Covid 19).

Board members also approved a recommendation to approve a resolution to pay all school employees (including administration, teachers, custodial staff, bus drivers and all those employed) during the four weeks the school will be closed.

Classes are set to start again on Monday, April 13, but the resolution, entitled ‘Pandemic Pay Resolution,’ states that if the Bellevue School District is closed beyond that date, the board will reconvene to determine what authority, if any, the school board has to continue paying hourly and non-exempt employees.

“As all of you are aware, this is an extremely unique issue in our school system as well as those across the state and nation,” said Bellevue Community Schools Superintendent Tom Meyer. “While we do not usually pay staff for work that is not completed, we are going to compensate all staff for their regular work in some manner in the upcoming paychecks throughout the rest of the school year.”

“While I do not have specific details on this and how we will do this, we are going to work with you on this to make sure you get the compensation that would regularly be expected for your role as an associate, food service worker, bus driver and other hourly positions.”

While school is closed during this temporary shutdown due to health concerns, all administrative office workers, including secretaries and principals, have been directed to work from home.

In the meantime, custodial staff are cleaning and wiping down all surfaces in classrooms and commons areas throughout the buildings in the district. Once completed, they will also go home for the remainder of the school closure.