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The Jackson County board of supervisors have delayed a referendum on a possible new jail and sheriff's office. This week, the window of time will expire for setting a March vote.

The next date for a possible referendum would be September. Last week, county officials had erroneously discussed the next potential referendum date as August.

Since a second jail referendum failed in August of last year, the county had tentatively considered March as its most likely date for a new jail referendum. This week's delay comes after a two-hour jail advisory committee meeting in which some committee members questioned how the public could be sold on a jail that would have fewer beds but cost more than last year's proposal.

In the most recent proposal, officials changed the location, from near Walmart to the industrial park in Maquoketa. Builder John Hansen said that material costs have gone up significantly.

Supervisors board chair Mike Steines said that the county can "do a little more investigating" and put together "another proposal or two" with Hansen.

"I thought we were in a good place," said supervisor Larry McDevitt.

"Until that meeting," said supervisor Jack Willey.