water tower

The Bellevue water tower is being painted starting in the middle of next week – weather permitting – and the process should take about two weeks, according to Jamie Haxmeier Superintendent of Bellevue Municipal Utilities.

Water will be drained and the interior will be painted first with a polibrid coating at a cost of $68,400. The exterior will then be painted for an additional $43,450. A company called K&W Coatings LLC of Tennessee will be doing the work, which is expected to take about two weeks.

Bellevue Utility Board members discussed proposals for the work earlier this year.

Haxmeier, said enough time has passed that mold is now noticeable, with the topcoat finish partially gone.

Haxmeier said polibrid coating could last roughly 10 to 15 years longer than the previous finish from about 25 years ago, which was the last time Bellevue’s 145-foot tall water tower was painted. (The tower was cleaned in 2013, but not painted).

Erected in 1979, the Bellevue water tower was first painted dark brown with reverse lettering. In 1996, it was painted white with green lettering.

The new design, approved recently by members of the Bellevue Utility Board, will be a two tone, white and dark blue.

Haxmeier said it was recommended to have at least the lower section of the tower in a darker color for cleaning and maintenance purposes. He also recommended that the word “Bellevue” be moved towards the east. The Board agreed to turn the words southeast, facing the bridge heading south of town.

The design here was the work of Pete Hoff of AP Graphics, in conjunction with K&W Coatings.