Herky Hustle

LAST WEEKEND’S HERKY HUSTLE in La Motte helped raise funds for La Motte Area Advancement, which was the driving force behind the new Miracle Playground equipment which will be installed the first week in November. Above are the winners of the Herky Hustle Chili Contest. From left are first place wiiner, Ryan Schiffer; second place winner Jerry Clasen; and Josh Knight, third place.

The City of La Motte is looking for a few good volunteers.

After a three-year campaign to raise funds through grants and donations for a new playground for the La Motte City Park, officials from La Motte Area Advancement have reached their goal.

Now, the work of installing a new $77,000 playground will get underway, with volunteers needed to unpack and install the equipment.

The playground equipment, from The Miracle Company, will arrive on Monday, Oct. 29 and volunteers are needed to help unload the truck. Then, on that weekend from Friday, Nov. 2 through Monday, Nov. 4, the new equipment will be installed.

The cost of the equipment was exactly $77,190 and the rubber mulch was priced at $23,750 and the rubber mats were $4095, and La Motte Area Advancement leader Lori Clasen said all the funds have been raised to pay for the project.

The new playground was needed for safety and replaces the old playground, which was between 30 and 40 years old.

Last weekend, the town hosted its annual ‘Herky Hustly’ and raised even more funds for La Motte Area Advancement.

As for the La Motte “Pump Up The Playground” project major donations came from a variety of public and private groups, with the donor list including the Community Foundation of Jackson County, $10,350; Alliant Energy Foundation, $1,515;

Aureon Charity Grant Program, $500 (with the assistance of the LaMotte Telephone Co.); the Walmart Foundation, $1,000; the McDonough Foundation, $2,500; Prudential Retirement Matching Funds, $2,160.08; the John Deere Foundation, $2,050 and the City of La Motte, $18,000

 “We would also like to recognize and thank everyone who have made past donations, volunteered their time with our fundraisers, donated or purchased auction items and most recently assisted us with the site preparation with their expertise and equipment. Definitely a community effort we can be proud of,” said Clasen.