Rural Jackson County residents now have another location to dispose of their recycling.

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors recently decided to rent a dumpster from Dittmer Recycling of Dubuque and set it up at Dittmer’s East Summit Street location.

The location will collect recyclables for county residents who live within five to seven miles of Maquoketa and want a nearby spot to dispose of their recycling.

The county will pay $100 per month to rent the bin and $75 each time it is emptied.

The bin will be located in a well-lighted spot armed with surveillance cameras, according to supervisor Mike Steines.

City residents should not use that recycling bin because they already are paying for curbside recycling and garbage service implemented by the City of Maquoketa last August, Steines advised.

In the past, Imagine the Possibilities had provided recycling services in Jackson County, emptying garbage containers in Iron Hill, Otter Creek, Preston, and Bellevue. It also maintained a drop-off site at Imagine’s recycling center in Maquoketa.

When that service ended June 30, the supervisors contracted with Dittmer Recycling to empty the four rural recycling containers. However, some residents living just outside Maquoketa city limits voiced concerns that the drives to those four bins were too far.

That prompted county officials to consider locating a recycling bin in town but solely for nearby rural residents.

“I think we owe it to them,” supervisor Jack Willey said. “At least a trial run to see how it’s respected. … It’s a goodwill service for people living surrounding Maquoketa.”

The Jackson County Courthouse and sheriff’s office recently hired Dittmer to handle their recycling needs after Rockwell Cleanup announced it would close its business at the end of 2020.

Items that are acceptable for recycling are the same as the lists that can be found online in both Maquoketa and Bellevue.

Glass is not accepted at this time, but Bellevue has a glass recycling location at the City Shed near Piggy Park.

The rural recycling bin nearest Bellevue is located on the Bellevue-Cascade Road just a few hundred yards from Highway 62.