Moore Local has a new location in Bellevue. Previously located at the Button Factory Building on south Riverview, the unique coffee shop is now located on the corner of State and Riverview in the former Country Cupboard building.

The corner store was remodeled and refurbished by Jordan Steines. The new location opened on Heritage Days weekend in early July. The new digs offer much more space for patrons and products, with more seating, including two high tables by windows overlooking the river. More Local offers coffee with dozens of flavors, Lotus, various cheeses, Edgewood Meats, Rockdale Meats, bagels,  Granola bars from the Amish Bakery, crackers, grilling seasonings, cherry and apple crisp mix, pancake and cornbread mixes, bagel crisps, tortilla chips, salsa, homemade relish, candy, kettle corn and much more - even dog treats. Pictured above is Trista Keeney, who runs Moore Local in Bellevue each Thursday. The business is owned and operated by Heather Moore, who has a store in Maquoketa as well. (Herald-Leader photo by David Namanny)