New at the Bellevue Police Dept.

MEET THE NEW BELLEVUE OFFICERS: Jerid Beschen, a 2017 graduate of Bellevue High School; and Shelby Mutzl, a 2011 graduate of Davenport High, are the newest members of the Bellevue Police Department. Beschen, who started full time last summer, served in the 132nd Air National Guard unit, served as an EMT for the Bellevue EMS service and served on the Bellevue Fire Department as well. Mutzl, who started as a Bellevue Police officer in November, was married and moved to Estes Park Colorado in 2014. She had a child and decided to move back to the area to be closer to family. She chose to live in Bellevue instead of Davenport because she likes the community.