Allison Simpson

Allison Simpson

Allison Simpson made the newspaper for two consecutive weeks.

Not only are her and her husband Nic Hockenberry part-owners in Bellevue’s River Ridge Brewing, she has also just been hired as the new children’s librarian at the Bellevue Public Library.

Allison Simpson moved to Bellevue about a year ago after she married Jackson County Economic Development Alliance Nic Hockenberry.

Originally a teacher at the Dubuque Montessori School, Simpson has started a new chapter in her young career last week as the new Children’s Librarian at the Bellevue Public Library.

“We’re making Bellevue our home in every way,” said Simpson, who graduated from high school in Dubuque in 2006. “I was co-director and had been a teacher at the Montessori for 10 years, starting when I was 16. Now, I have decided to work here in Bellevue and become more involved in the community.”

As well as her teaching experience, Simpson has a degree in psychology from Clarke University.

“I’m excited to be in this position, as it really melds all my interests and experiences,” said Simpson. “I really want to cultivate the love of learning and the love of reading to the youth of Bellevue, and to also reach out to the teens who may not realize what an important place the library is.”

Simpson and her husband Nic are also part owners of Bellevue’s River Ridge Brewing and also enjoy rock climbing.