Santa-Mill Valley

Residents, tenants, families, and staff of Mill Valley Care Center and Sunrise Villa Assisted Living in Bellevue are shown enjoying their Annual Family Christmas Dinner festivities during noontime on Tuesday, December 11.  Musical entertainment was provided by Mary Reed (volunteer) at the Mill Valley Care Center and Vivian Pitlo (volunteer) at the Sunrise Villa Assisted Living.  Thanks to all the volunteers, Max Reed, Laurie and Maury Anderson, and Santa for assisting activities.

Thanks to St. Joseph’s Pre-School & Kindergarten Classes – Jessica Medinger (Preschool Teacher) with Jill Nolting (Teacher Assistant); and Tricia Kilburg (Kindergarten Teacher) with the students for visiting “one on one” with the residents and tenants, making paper Christmas Ornaments, placing the Christmas ornaments onto our Christmas tree, and singing Christmas songs to the residents during the mid-morning on Friday.

Thanks to Ray & Doris Theisen for providing musical entertainment with the tenants at SVAL and the residents at MVCC during the noontime on Friday.

Thanks to volunteers Kaitlyn Ross for reading “one on ones” with the residents and with Becky Ross during morning on Saturday.

Thanks to the volunteers:  Janet Callaghan, Laurie Anderson, Jean Kilburg, JoAnn Jess, Vivian Pitlo, and Darlene Michels for hosting and assisting at “Bingo games with the American Legion Auxiliary Ladies” during the afternoon on Saturday.

Thanks to volunteer Janis Kilburg for leading the Rosary prayers for the Catholics on Sunday.

Thanks to volunteer Kelby Mueller for providing musical entertainment with the tenants at SVAL and the residents at MVCC during the afternoon on Sunday.  

“Exercises with Kelly & Joy” was available with the residents on Monday with Joy.

Thanks to volunteers Marlene & Mark Cloos for hosting bingo games with the tenants at the SVAL during the afternoon on Monday.

We welcome Eugene G. as a new resident arriving on Monday.

We send our “very best wishes” to Juneva S. as she returns home on Monday.

Thanks to volunteer Father Dennis Miller (Pastor at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Bellevue, IA) and volunteers:  Ron Koos, Dula Tebbe, Laura & Jr. Steines, Kenny Kilburg, Lloyd Kilburg, Maryetta & Larry Lampe, Judy Moran, Marilyn & Merle Kilburg, and Dale Banowetz for assisting the residents/tenants and hosting the Catholic Rosary, Mass, and Communion Service during the morning on Wednesday.

Happy Birthday Greetings this past week to Sharen F., Glenn S., Helen A., Anonymous, and staff:  Diane D., Aleshia O.  We thank Sharen F. & Family for sharing her birthday cake with us!  We thank Anonymous & Family for sharing birthday cake with us!  noon, Monday – Thursday.

Thanks to all our volunteers for being awesome:  Linda Kueter for helping Activities decorate the Christmas Tree in the front dining room.  Rita D. for her donation of Assorted Chocolates for the Villa staff!  Evonda Diehl for her donations of Assorted Chocolate Candies for residents, tenants, and staff.  Harold M. and Bobby & Annette Mootz-Hinsch for their donations of packages of Assorted Cookies and about 2 pounds of Assorted Chocolates for the staff!  Marian Stecklein for her donation.  Anonymous for their donations of year 2019 calendars and items. Thanks to all for their assistance and support with all the activities/events during this past week.