Sharon Fultner

Sharen Fultner, RN resident (right) and Amy Waller, RN (D.O.N.) (left) are shown holding Sharen’s recently completed crocheted afghan on January 30, 2019.  Sharen attends the knitting classes of “Knitting with Laura and Crocheting” hosted by Laura McCool (volunteer) at the Mill Valley Care Center in Bellevue.

Thanks to Ray & Doris Theisen for providing musical entertainment with the tenants at SVAL and the residents at MVCC during the noontime on Friday.

“Ring Toss” games were held with the residents during the afternoon on Friday.

We send our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Judy Scheckel who passed away on Friday.  She will be greatly missed.

Thanks to volunteer Marylce T. for leading the Rosary prayers for the Catholics on Sunday.

Thanks to the Mennonite volunteers for their visit and singing in the Front Dining area during the evening on Sunday.  Thanks to volunteer Benita D. for being the hostess and assisting this event.  

“Exercises” was held with the residents during the mid-morning on Monday.

Tenant Council Meeting was held with the residents during the mid-morning on Monday.

Thanks to volunteers Alice Kilburg and Janis Kilburg for hosting bingo games with the tenants at the SVAL during the afternoon on Monday.

“Homemade Soup Day Recipes & Sample” was held with the residents during the afternoon on Monday.

Thanks to volunteer Deacon Robert Wood (St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Bellevue, Iowa) for hosting the Catholic Rosary and Communion Service, and to volunteers:  Ron Koos, Laura & Jr. Steines, Kenny Kilburg, Lloyd Kilburg, Marilyn & Merle Kilburg, and Dale Banowetz for assisting the residents/tenants during the morning on Wednesday.

Thanks to volunteer Terry Mertens for sharing her pet dogs with the residents and tenants during the mid-morning on Wednesdays.

Thanks to volunteers Jason & Carrie Rowan for sharing a very obedient and friendly female dog named Ally with the residents/tenants during the afternoon on Wednesday.  (Ally is the “Therapy Dog” from Carson’s Celebration of Life Center in Maquoketa, Iowa.  Jason Rowan is an ABC certified dog trainer with K-9 Comfort in Bellevue, Iowa).  Thanks again, Jason & Carrie.  

Thanks to volunteers:  Janis Kilburg, Mary Jane Mueller, Joan Jess, Shirley Black, and Joyce Till for hosting and assisting “Bingo games with the Rosary Society” during the afternoon on Wednesday.  

Thanks to volunteer Liz Barry for providing musical entertainment with the residents and tenants during the evening time on Thursday.

Happy Birthday Greetings this past week to staff:  Amy W. and Bailey T.!

Games of Choice were available for the tenants at the SVAL during the afternoon, Monday – Thursday.  KMAQ Radio Bingo with our “avid” bingo players participating during this week (M-F)!

Thanks to all our volunteers for being awesome:  Deacon Loras Weber for Assisting Activities and visiting “one on one” with the residents and tenants.  Carol and Steve Lucke for their large basket of candies for the staff!  

Anonymous for their donations of items.  Thanks to all for their assistance and support with all the activities/events during this past week.

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 15, 18, 19, 20, & 21 – Exercises 9:00 am.

Feb. 15 & 19 – Men’s Club with Kenny 9:30 am.

Feb. 15 – Music with Ray & Doris  11 & noon

Feb. 8 – National Girl Scout Cookie Day  2:00 pm.

Feb. 16 – Music with Ryan Sheehan 5:30 pm. & 6:15 pm.

Feb. 17 (Sun.) – Coffee & Conversation at Villa  9 am.

Feb. 18 – Daniel O’Donnell video 2:00 pm.

Feb. 18 – Music with Liz  6:15 pm.

Feb. 19 – Kenny’s Visits MVCC & SVAL  9:30 – 11 am.

Feb. 19 – Knitting with Laura & Crocheting 2:00 pm.

Feb. 19 – Music with Nancy 6:15 pm.

Feb. 20 – Rosary 9:30 am., & Catholic Service 10 am.

Feb. 20 – Bingo with the Lutherans  2:00 pm.

Feb. 21 – Artwork with Dave and Karen 8:45 am.

Feb. 21 – Music with Judy 11:15 am.

Feb. 21 – Lutheran Service 2:00 pm.

Feb. 21 – Homemade Soup 2:00 pm