Bellevue’s Olszewski family is once again turning heads with a massive Christmas display on the corner of Fifth and State Streets. The display is made up of 75 to 100 blowup holiday characters, 50,000 Christmas lights and 100 extension cords. Family patriarch Jim Olszewski has set up the display every year since 2016 and even installed a separate electrical box just for the Christmas lights. Mother Chris Olszewski said it takes three people to get everything turned on and about 30 minutes for all the blow up characters to fill up each night. “While growing up Max and Mary Reed used to decorate their house to the fullest and I always said when I get my own house I was going to do that.  So we did,” said Chris. “We love it when the holiday lights tractor goes by at night or when people slow down and go past the house so they can see everything. As a family we love getting in the car and going to look at Christmas lights too. There is just something about looking at Christmas lights that is so calming.”  The Olszewski family is made up of Jim and Chris, as well as their children Brandon, William, Tayia, Alexis, Hailey and Jake.