The spirit of Christmas was apparent in Bellevue recently, as scores of young carolers from both St. Joseph’s Elementary and Bellevue Elementary were out singing holiday favorites around town.

According to teacher Emily Reeg, driving the project were two things - to bring a sense of unity to the community by having both schools work together - and as a special outreach to those in the community who may enjoy some holiday cheer.

Young first-grade students from both schools got together to practicing songs and gathered together a few times at each school to make the holiday cards, crafts and treats that went in special baskets to give out.  

Then the Bellevue Masonic Lodge and Bellevue PEO organizations donated funds to help off set the cost of the event. Brian Steines donated and cut all the wood pieces that were needed to make gifts and families of first-graders gave of their time and talent to bake items and chaperone the event. Farm Bureau also donated several poinsettias.

“What great support from our community. We visited about 30 homes of folks who we thought might enjoy a gift and a few songs by our young students,” said Reeg.

On a side note, the late Doris Feuerbach was on our list to carol, but she passed away a few days before the event, so we gave the poinsettia and gift bag to her family, Gary and Fran Feuerbach, as we caroled to them instead.”

The churches of the community were also involved with the process, as Pastor Shannon Witt, Pastor Paul Gammelin and Father Miller all joined in as well.

The holiday gifts and caroling was coordinated by first-grade teachers, Emily Reeg, Lisa Roth and Katie Kieffer of Marquette.