In coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Hartig Drug Company will join others in offering Food and Drug Administration (FDA)- authorized COVID-19 vaccinations when available to the general public. The Hartig Company just purchased the Bellevue Pharmacy last month.

“Hartig Drug will play a key role in administering COVID-19 vaccinations to the general public, through strategic sourcing from the federal government. Our hope is that this will increase additional and timely vaccine access to many rural tri-state communities,” said Charles Hartig, CEO of Hartig Drug. “I am very proud of our employees and leadership team that has prioritized our ability to source COVID-19 vaccines and performed over 4,000 COVID-19 tests.”

Hartig Drug has entered into the Federal Pharmacy Partnership Strategy for COVID-19 Vaccination with HHS. Hartig will receive a direct allocation of COVID-19 vaccine through this program which will provide critical vaccination services for the U.S. population, with vaccine administered at community pharmacy locations at no cost to recipients. The program will be implemented in close coordination with public health officials to ensure optimal COVID-19 vaccination coverage and vaccine access nationwide. More information can be found in the HHS press release at administration-partners-chain-independent-community-pharmacies-increase-access-future-covid-19- vaccines.html.

“Hartig Drug pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and employees have been an invaluable community resource since the pandemic began by administering thousands of flu-shots and COVID tests,” said Hartig. “We are ready to continue to play a role in the vaccination effort.”

Hartig Drug is still offering a quadrivalent flu vaccine and high-dose Fluzone HD for older patients. Most prescription insurance plans and Medicare Part B insurance will cover the cost of your flu shot.

About Hartig Drug Company

Hartig Drug Company (Hartig Drug) is a local, family owned and operated group of pharmacies located in the Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois tri-state region. Hartig Drug was founded 115 years ago by A. J. Hartig.

Through community pharmacy, senior care (LTC) pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and durable medical equipment locations Hartig Drug Company is committed to providing convenient, personalized health consulting, pharmaceutical products, and consumer goods. As a local, small business Hartig Drug provides personalized services in touch with its local community roots. Our employees live, work and play in the same communities in which we operate. The connection to the community is what drives us every day to provide the best possible service and products to our customers.