Thanks to Ray & Doris Theisen for providing musical entertainment with the tenants at SVAL and the residents at MVCC during the noontime on Friday.  Thanks to volunteer Sandra Hayward for engaging and dancing with some of the residents and tenants during the music on Friday.

Thanks to Ealana Roling (Dietary Supervisor) and Erma Naeve with the Dietary staff for preparing the freshly baked “Peach Pie” in honor of National Peach Pie Day with games of Reminiscing with the residents and tenants during the afternoon on Friday.

We welcome Marge G. and Lillian D. as new residents arriving on Friday.

Thanks to volunteer Sandy Mueller for hosting and assisting “Bingo games” with Theresa during the afternoon on Saturday.

Thanks to volunteer Laura Steines for leading the Rosary prayers for the Catholics on Sunday.

Thanks to volunteers Marlene Cloos and Barb Budde for hosting bingo games with the tenants at the Villa during the afternoon on Monday.

Thanks to volunteers Jr. Steines and Leanna Michels for hosting Euchre Club during the afternoon on Monday.

“Flower Power” discussions were held, and flowers were given to the residents and tenants during the afternoon on Monday.

Thanks to volunteer Liz Barry for providing music entertainment during the evening on Monday.  

Thanks to volunteer Kenneth Kilburg for hosting “Kenny’s Visits”, visiting the residents/tenants at MVCC/SVAL during the morning on Tuesday.

Thanks to volunteer Deacon Robert Wood (St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Bellevue, IA) and volunteers:  Ron Koos, Dula Tebbe, Maryetta & Larry Lampe, Laura & Jr. Steines, Merle & Marilyn Kilburg, Alice Kilburg, Kenny Kilburg, Lloyd Kilburg, and Dale Banowetz for assisting the residents/tenants and hosting the Catholic Rosary and Communion Service during the morning on Wednesday. 

We send our “very best wishes” to Mary S. as she returns home on Wednesday.

“Tomato Festival” discussions and samplings were held with the residents and tenants on the outside porch during the afternoon on Thursday.

Happy Birthday Greetings this past week to staff Rachel D . and Jennifer M.!

Thanks to all our volunteers for being awesome:  Brandi Veach for bringing in a number of boxes of assorted pizzas and donuts for the staff.  Jennifer Murphy brought in birthday pizza for the staff.  Sandra Hayward for her assistance this week in Activities and for her donation of items.  Anonymous for their donations of items.  Thanks to all for their assistance and support with all the activities/events during this past week.

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 7, 10,  11, & 12 – Exercises with 11:30 am.

Sept. 7 & 11 – Men’s Club with Kenny 9:30 am.

Sept. 7 – St. Joseph’s Preschool & Kindergarten 

(Inter-generational)  10 am. 

Sept. 7 – Music with Ray & Doris 11 am. & 12

Sept. 7 – Music with Jim Lucy  2:00 pm.

Sept. 8 – Bingo – American Legion Auxiliary Ladies  2 pm.

National Assisted Living Week – Sept. 9-15

Sept. 9 (Sun.) – Coffee & Conversation at Villa 9 am.

Sept. 10  – Bingo with Marlene & Mark at Villa 2 pm.

Sept. 10  – Music with Ray & Doris at Villa 5:30 pm.

Sept. 11 – Presbyterian Visits at MVCC & SVAL 8 – 4  pm.

Sept. 11 – Breakfast at Villa  8:45 am.

Sept. 11 – Kenny’s Visits at MVCC & SVAL 9:30 – 11 am.

Sept. 11 – Bellevue Elementary (Inter-generational) 

4th Grade 9:30 – 11:00 am.

Sept. 11 – Crafts with Bea 2:00 pm.

Sept. 11 – Knitting with Laura & Crocheting 3 pm.

Sept. 12 – Rosary @ 9:30 am., & Catholic Service 10 am.

Sept. 12 – Chocolate Milkshake at Villa 2:30 pm.

Sept. 12 – Bingo with the Lutherans 2: pm.

Sept. 12 – Music with Liz 6:15 pm.

Sept. 13 – Artwork W/ Dave and Karen  9:30 am.

Sept. 13 – Music with Judy Ganzer 11:15 am. & 12pm 

Sept. 13 – Manicures 2:00 pm.

Sept. 13 – “Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day”  2 pm.