Seven ash trees are located inside Cole Park, it is anticipated that all will eventually die as part of the emerald ash borer (EAB) invasion.  As a result, the City of Bellevue is asking individuals and organizations to step up to commit to help by ‘adopting a ash tree.’ 

 By adopting a tree, the individual will help cover the treatment expense to help save these large and matured trees.  Currently the cost is $336 per tree or $2,352 total, every two years, as the trees will be treated against EAB every other year.  

Bellevue Public Works Superintendent Chuck Kueter will be working with the certified applicator Jon Kelly of Galena, IL.  If the trees are not adopted, then the trees will most likely go untreated and will eventually fall victim to  EAB.  

Please call City Hall (563-872-4456) with any questions or to formally commit to helping adopt a tree by October 15.