Drive-by Birthday

BIRTHDAY GIRL ABBY VEACH, received a surprise gift from  the Angie Read family of Bellevue last Thursday as her husband (and volunteer fireman Chris Read), drove the Bellevue Fire Department’s newest fire truck with lights and siren on past her house in Bellevue in celebration of Veach’s 36th birthday. A teacher at Bellevue Elementary School, Veach was surprised a second time as dozens of her fellow school teachers drove behind the fire truck to form a unique birthday parade in this time of social distancing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Abby, who is married to Justin Veach of Veach Diesel and Automotive Repair of Bellevue, has two children, Cadence and Cameron. She is the daughter of Steve (Ink) and Betty Engelman and her mother and father-in-law are Jack and Jo Ann Veach. She has two brothers, Eric and Ryan Engelman.