Okay, as a MOM of a 2 year old HEART WARRIOR (and many many respiratory issues), I have had to bite my tongue long enough on this COVID 19 virus.  

Here is my "mom of a heart warrior" rant...

I will admit that at first I was a skeptic about this virus but this is not a joke, the virus is here!  PLEASE stop with the 'more people have died from the flu' talk. PLEASE stop with the 'everyone is overreacting' talk.

Have you held your baby with respiratory (& heart) issues & literally watched him fight for his life?  I HAVE.

Have you shook your baby & rubbed his chest, to try to wake him and bring him back to consciousness?  I HAVE.

Have you watched your baby turn blue from not breathing?  I HAVE.

Have you rushed to the hospital by vehicle &/or ambulance while praying to god that you make it on time to give your baby a fighting chance?  I HAVE.

Have you put your baby in the hands of doctors, knowing they would stop his heart, and then pray that his heart would beat again?  I HAVE.

I cannot sit here and say nothing while I look at the photos of people going on vacation, wether it be the WI Dells or Florida.  STOP BEING SELFISH PEOPLE!  PLEASE STOP!  While YOU might be a middle aged healthy person & while YOUR kids may be healthy school age/teenagers...YOU ALL can still carry this virus back from your trip.  And when you bring it back, who will be affected the most?  The elderly and children like my son Freddy.

So while I do my best washing my hands, disinfecting everything in sight (which by the way I have been doing since August 3, 2017, when Freddy was born), and trying to only leave home for the necessities.  If I go to get that gallon of milk and then YOU (with your nice Florida tan) come in contact with me at the store.  Everything that I have done and tried to prevent was for nothing.

I CAN'T DO IT AGAIN!  I cannot watch my son fight for his life again, I cannot spend more countless nights in the hospital, I cannot spend more holidays in the hospital, I cannot spend more time away from my older son and listen to him tell me that "Freddy is so lucky to be in the hospital because he gets to be with you and dad" .... I cannot and I will not ALL BECAUSE OF SELFISH PEOPLE.

And here's to the PARENTS with school age kids running around town on their four-week 'snow days.'  PLEASE PARENTS...STEP IT UP...BE ACCOUNTABLE for your kids.  Make them stay home, don't let them go to the movies, don't let them hang out at public places, & don't let them drive around like this is a fun summer day.  STOP ALLOWING the germs to spread!

I am BEGGING YOU as a parent that wants to see her son thrive and grow (AND LIVE) to TAKE THIS SERIOUS, STOP THE SOCIAL GATHERINGS and STOP BEING SELFISH!

Thanks for listening to my rant!  Whew!

Abbey Skrivsith


Editor’s Note: Abbey Skrivseth posted the above letter on her son's Facebook care page and many people reached out encouraging her to also publish it in the paper in an effort to share her story and to continue to spread the word. It has been printed here word for word as it appeared online.