Iowa received 58,963 unemployment claims from March 22-28, with the biggest share coming from hotels, motels, restaurants and other food services.

These claims came in as the COVID-19 outbreak led to widespread layoffs.

There were 55,963 initial claims by individuals who work and live in Iowa, and 2,490 claims by out-of-state residents who work in Iowa.

The state paid $13.7 million in unemployment insurance benefits were paid to claimants who live and/or work in Iowa for the week ending March 27.

The state had 54,461 continuing weekly unemployment claims.  A record 41,890 Iowans filed for unemployment the week of March 15.

Here is an indusry breakdown of all cases, including those unrelated to COVID, includes all (COVID-19 & non-COVID-19) claimants counts for last week, knowing a majority of them are going to be COVID-19-related.  This will be reflective of the other data included in the release:

  • Accommodation and food services (12,519)
  • Health care and social assistance (7,490)
  • Manufacturing (7,168)
  • Retail trade (5,888)
  • Other services (3,780)

Claims can be filed here.