Reed's House 1988

Max and Mary Reeds' home at South Riverview, Bellevue, becomes a glow of Christmas cheer every holiday when they display their growing collection of lighting arrangements.  AT last count the Reeds' display contains an estimated 10,000 light blubs.  Visitors are welcome to stop and visit the displays that take about two months to erect and will be up until into January.

Fourth and fifth grade students at Bellevue Elementary and St. Joseph schools share their thoughts on the meaning of Christmas.

Christmas means to me is that you spend time with your family and friends, not thinking that you should just get presents.  It’s time to be happy with you are, to belive in God.  For one day you will be with God loving, shareing and careing for others.

Kelly Michels

I can’t wait to see all my relatives on Christmas Eve.  I like waking up to see what I got.  I also look forward on Christmas day to do whatever I want to.

Our family usually spends Christmas morning going to church and visiting.  In the afternoon and night we go to Christmas parties or dancing.

I hope that everyone can have the joys we do on Christmas.

Tara Knake

To me Christmas is joyful.  I like Christmas because I like to give and receive gifts.  I like to gather as a family to celebrate.  When it is Christmas I think of joy because Jesus is born.

Jayson Heiar

Christmas is a time to spend with your family and friends.  You can make ornaments for the tree.  It was the day Jesus is born.

Bryan Peters

Christmas is a time where we celebrate Christ’s birthday.  Also a time to give and receive gifts.

Christmas isn’t just presents and stuff like that.  It is a time of the year to share, love and care.  It is a time where people put up there Christmas tree and decorate it with lights, garland, oraments and the star that shines so bright.

Remember one important thing its not the gift it is the thought that counts.

Sara Beschen

Christmas means to share and to love.  It means to give to the poor.  We can help other people when they are sick.  Christmas means to thank Jesus for all the wonderful things He gave us.

Keith Clasen

Christmas is a time for togetherness.  It is also a time for visiting your relatives that you don’t see very often and for giving and exchange gifts that we buy.

Chris Rubel

When I think of Christmas I think of decorating a tree, buying presents and getting presents.

But most of all, I would like everyone to be happy and getting what they really want for Christmas, like a saxophone.

Jillian Warner

Christmas is a time to give love.  It’s a time to laugh and rejoice.  Dark red, green, white and pale blue decorations fill the streets.  Wreath’s with watermelon pink bows are hung on the doors.

Joy and happiness fill the air.  I like to sit and watch the snow sail to the ground.  Every Christmas we build a snowman.  He has a carrot nose, coal eyes, wooden teeth and a pipe and hat.  We use sticks for arms and give him a broom.

The Christmas songs are terrific.  I go shopping and buy presents.  I buy presents for my animals also.  Christmas cookies are fun to bake.  People should share with the needy at Christmas.  Giving to others is fun.

I am thankful for my family, friends, home, clothes and food.

Mindy Guenther

Christmas is a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus.  We go to church on Christmas to celebrate.  We get together with our family, friends and relatives.  It is a time for giving gifts and a time for receiving gifts.  We put up our Christmas tree and we hang up decorations.  It is a happy time of year.

Tessa Schwager

Christmass means joy, happiness, friends, love, honesty, truth, celebrate, give to the poor.  Christmass means more than getting presents.  That is the day Christ is born.  I love him.  I don’t care about the presents.  I just like Christmas when Christ is born.

Nichole Muller

My thoughts of Christmas are snow, candy cookies, sant clasa, slighriding.  Wene I think of snow I think of snow ball fights wene school is out of for the day.  I also think of Santa Clause you now that person in the red suit that gives toyes to good boys and girls.

I really like sleigh rideing.because it makes me feel like Santa on his sled.  One of my best is candy I like to lick them and taste the pepperming.

Jeremy Roth

Christmas is a time to give thanks.  It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Christmas isn’t just a time to give and receive, and open presents.  It’s is also a time to give happiness.

Jennifer Knockel

Christmas preparation begins by drawing names to share gifts with family members who are far away.  It fun to wonder who has your name.

Decorating cookies and making candy is fun to do.  We go to Christmas Eve Mass and we go to grandma’s house Christmas Day.

Cara Ernst

Christmas is a cheerful time.  A time for caring, sharing, and loving.  Christmas is when we get together with our relatives and friends.

Brenda B.

Christmas is a time for giving things.  When you have fun with your family or friends.  When mom goes down to the store we all look at Christmas lights.  I like Mrs. Reeds house best, because her house looks like something lightful, beautiful.  I think Christmas is a time to get together and celebrate what Christmas means.

Amanda Burnett

I’m looking forward to people singing Christmas songs on the radio.  I like watching special shows on TV about Christmas and seeing Christmas decorations up.  I like seeing people getting in the Christmas spirit and hearing what people got for Christmas.  Spending with Christmas with my family is always fun.

Jill Morehead

To me Christmas is a joyful holiday.  It is a time for giving and getting, sharing and caring.  A time you play in the snow.  When families get to gather and eat dinner.  Some people go on trips and meet relatives.  You get off of school or work.  People eat duck, turkey, ham and other things like that.  And we all have a very Merry Christmas.

Eric Weber

MY Christmas thoughts are joy, Santa, Christmas trees and snow.  When I think of joy I think of fun and happy people.  When I think of snow I think of cotton and cold singers.

When I think of Christmas trees, I think of presents under the tree and hanging ornaments.  My best thought is Santa because his suit is red.  Red is my favorite color.  So, I think of Santa because he must like sled riding.  You know he rides a sled on Christmas.

Derek Hueneke

To me Christmas means a time of joy.  It is a day that a special child was born.  We celebrate it by exchanging gifts with each other.  We put up a tree that to me is like putting up a symbol of life.  That’s what Christmas means to me.

Tiffany Wagner

Christmas is a time of sharing and enjoying each other’s company.  A time for spending extra time with relatives.  Also going to mass together on Christmas.

Jamie Konrardy

Christmas to me is for families to be together.  Christmas means to me for seeing people that you haven’t seen in a while.  Christmas we celebrate Christs birthday.  It also is for giving.

Andrew Michels

I am looking forward to Christmas and opening gifts.

I hope I get what I want and hope that the people who are starving get food.  That there will be freedom and the homeless get a home.

I hope I can be with all my family on Christmas.  I also hope people who don’t have any family can go and have Christmas with their friends.

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas.

Megan Beschen

I look forward to Christmas because it is a time for sharing the things we have and the things we don’t have.  It is a time for spending time with the people that can’t get around and the people that don’t get a lot of attention.  What I really like about Christmas is getting clothes and games.

Jennifer Miller

Christmas means happiness everywhere and presents for everyone.  Every year cousins and friends come to visit people.  On Christmas we go to Midnight Mass.  And we get cards from friends and from people who have not seen us for a long time.  Christmas is putting up a tree with decorations and a crib scene under the tree.  And making cookies with pictures on them.

Sara Kubik

To me Christmas means a time of joy and receiving gifts.  It’s a time people all over the world find and open gifts.  Kids who don’t have parents or someone still receive gifts from people who give them to a charity.  People are happy all year until next Christmas.

Jason Clasen

As Christmas comes closer, I hope to get a 10-speed bike.  I hope we get lots of snow, because I want to go sleigh riding.  I want to get a water bomb set.  I would like to get presents for all my relatives, but I don’t have enough money.  We want to put up our Christmas tree.

Joshua Adam Manning

At Christmas, people fuss about buying presents.  Is that what Christmas is all about?  No!  Christmas is a time to be happy and it’s a time to visit other people.  I think kids depend on Santa Claus coming.  Christmas is a time to help make other people happy, wrapping presents and playing games with your cousins.

I like putting up the Christmas tree.  People think that getting a lot of decorations will make them popular.  It’s not true.

Christmas is a time of caring and sharing.  This year I hope you make the right choices, and don’t spend much money.  I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Kelly Gerlach

Christmas is a time of love and joy as we prepare for the coming Jesus.  It is fun to decorate the tree, bake cookies, and wrap presents.  Christmas is a time to make faith grow.  I wish that all people in the world would have peace, love, happiness and hope.

Amy Manders

Christmas is my favorite holiday because I am with my relatives.  I like Christmas because Jesus was born.  I am thankful for my family is alive.

Jered Noonan

Christmas means that we should think of all the people in the world that do not have as much as we have.  We should also be happy because Jesus is being born.  We should remember when Jesus died for us.  That is what Christmas means to me.

Ben Wright

I think Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday as a family.  My mom and Dad say Christmas is a time to stop and think about the past year and thank God those we love are still with us.

My sister, Nichole likes the surprises on Christmas Eve.  My 3 year old sister, Alicia is worried about how Santa could know if she’s a good or bad when she never see’s him looking.  And my brother Matthew doesn’t have much to say on the whole idea he’s only 8 weeks old.

Amanda Nye

When I think of Christmas, I think of love, sharing, eating and presents.  When I look at my family, I look at love.

When I look at sharing, I think of everybody because I hope everybody share.

When I think of eating, I think of cookies, cakes, chicken, potates, corn.  You call it a Christmas meal.

When I get presents, I think of clothes, makeup, tapes and money.  You can see I care about Christmas!

Shelly Putman

At Christmas time the family gets all-together for a big party.  Anyway it seems like a party.  All my aunts, uncles and cousins bring food, presents and their musical instruments.  After dinner we play outside with my cousins, making snowmen and playing “Fox and Goose.”  Close to dark, we all sing songs of Christmas and listen to all the kids playing their intrutments.

Julie Reuss

First of all, we celebrate Jesus’s birthday with laughter and joy as our family gets together.  We all try to be extra nice and exchange gifts.  I also enjoy going to Midnight Mass too and listen to Christmas carols that tell about Jesus.

Chad Gerlach

Christmas is when Christ was born.  We celebrate by going to church.

On Christmas we turn on the Christmas lights.  One of my brothers hand out the presents.  We open the presents fast.  Then we eat breakfast.

After that our relatives come and bring more presents and food.  We eat a big lunch.  We watch football to.  Then they go home.

Andy Hunter

I look forward to seeing my brothers.  I especially like seeing the lights around town.

I like going sleigh riding and make snow angels.  But I don’t like it when it is really cold or when there is to much snow on the ground.

Then Christmas Eve I set out cookies and carrots for Santa.  The next day I wake up at 5:00 to see what Santa brought.  Then I go back to sleep.  The rest of the day I play with my toys.

Katie Waack

I look forward to Christmas because you are coming closer to the birth of Jesus.  I also like Christmas because we go to my Grandma Kueter’s house to open presents with my cousins.

Jeanne Kueter

Christmas for the Flammang family means many family get-togethers with good food and laughter.  We enjoy buying and exchanging gifts.  Most importantly, we celebrate Jesus’ birth by attending mass on Christmas day.

Stephanie Flammang

Christmas doesn’t mean just getting presents.  That’s only part of it.  It’s really when the entire family gets together together to celebrate.  That’s when everyone shares the spirit of Christmas.

Amy Kilburg

When I think of Christmas it reminds me how much fun it is to be together as a family!

When I think of presents, I think of toys and beautiful wrapping paper. 

Usually when I see snow it reminds me of sleds and how much fun it is to ride down the hill.  It also reminds me of beautiful and big snowflakes.

Sometimes when I see lights, it reminds me of the colors green and red.  It reminds me of all the houses glowing with lights!

I want to wish my Dad and Mom also Shannon, Deanna and Morgan a Merry Christmas!

Wendy Cram

To me Christmas means more than getting presents, it means spending time with family.  People who can’t get out are important to visit too.  Christmas also is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Most important is to remember to spend time giving thanks to God for sending Jesus our Savior.

Krisy Ploeger

Going to church as a family to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Singing Christmas songs in church and visiting the crib set after Mass is the heart of Christmas.  Christmas also means our families being together and sharing meals and gifts.

Michael Heinricy

Christmas is the birth of Christ.  No one thinks of it like that.  They just think of Christmas trees, cookies and lights.

I like Christmas because I get presents and I get to give other people presents.

Both sides of the family have Christmas with us.  We go to our aunts and uncles house.

When we get here we play with our cousins, while the grown-ups talk.

That’s why Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Leah Broders

I think Christmas is more then Santa, reindeer, presents and elves.  That isn’t why we have Christmas, it’s about Jesus’s birth.  I like having the Christmas program at church, getting together with family and friends, decorating the family Christmas tree, getting into the Christmas mood, and eating Christmas goodies.


Christmas is a time of giving, a time of laughter.  It is a time of fun, for getting together and sharing.  It is also Jesus’s birthday.

I love giving presents to my family and friends.  I love putting up stockings and Christmas trees.  That’s what it is all about.  I like Christmas trees.  That’s what it is all about, I like Christmas because the family is all there, and I am thankful too.  Christmas is peaceful and fun.

Matt Carter

Christmas means the coming of Jesus.  It means giving, sharing and receiving of our joy love and gifts.  This Christmas we think of buying a gift for a child who is less fortunate thatn us.  Christmas is a happy time when our families gather together and exchange presents and feast together.  Christmas also means the coming of Santa and the end of a long wait and the beginning of new joys.

Michelle Cloos

Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus’s birth.  The way I celebrate Christmas is getting together with my whole family.  We give gifts and receive gifts.

My Grandma can cook better than anyone else.  We have mouth watering chicken, mashed potatoes, cookies with red and green little tastey sprinkles.

I love receiving all the beautiful wrapped gifts.  I haven’t ever received a present I didn’t like.

When we are all done with everything all of the kids get very tired, but all of the parents are wide awake playing cards.

I think Christmas is the time of the year because we get together with our family.

Trisha Graham

Christmas is a time to give thanks to Jesus.  We do that is by putting up a tree in our house and put ornaments on it.  The most important thing we put under it is a little model of Jesus and his family.

When we wait for Christmas and finally it’s here we go to grandma’s and all our aunts and uncles are there.  We have a big supper and give thanks to God.  We open our gifts and share them.  When we get back home we open the gifts that mom and dad gave us.  Finally we go to bed and thank Jesus for what we got.

Jon Reeg

On Christmas I woke up sleeply but Mom, Dad, Matt and Allysen were gone.  I walked into the cold kitchen where I found a note on the table.  The note said that my family had gone caroling and they would be back at 7:15.

“That’s just perfect, now I have to open presents.”

Everyone returned at 7:30.  Finally we opened our presents.  There was torn wrapping paper all over the place.  After that we went sleigh riding in the cold snow.

Mike Tracy

When Christmas time comes my family gets together and celebrates.  In the morning we open presents, then we go to church after church we go to my grandpa’s house and I see my cousin from Ottumwa.

Josh Griebel

Christmas means many things to me such as, food, family, Jesus and presents.  When I think of food I think of a big Christmas dinner.  Mmmmmm-I can almost taste it! 

My thoughts for family is just having everyone together.

The reason I think of Jesus on Christmas is, he begins life and soon will spread the word of God.

When Christmas comes, I think ahead to what presents I’ll get and give.  I hope your thoughts of Christmas are as joyful as mine.

Tim Walsh

Christmas is my favorite holiday because the ground is pretty with snow.  All my relatives come and we have a big dinner.  When we get to put the tree and decorations up.  When we go to midnight mass it is very peaceful and pretty.  When we all get lots of nice presents.  I like to sing a lot of Christmas songs.  The most important thing is love, caring and sharing on a Christmas day.

Dawn Stillmunkes

I like Christmas.  It’s when my family gets together at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  They always have Uncle Gene dress up as Santa.  He hands out presents.

What I like most is having fun, and celebrating Jesus’s birthday.

Benjamin Alviar

Christmas is a time for sharing.  But one problem in this country is some people never do get anything.  I think our country and other countries should realize it’s people that makes Christmas special.  No matter how much money you have or what race you are, everybody’s special.

Mike Roling

Christmas means all my family sitting by the Christmas tree opening presents slowly one by one until we are all.  Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Andrew Keil

This Christmas I am looking forward to going to my Grandmas for Christmas.  My great aunt and uncle will be there.  At my Grandmas I get a lot of presents.

Saturday I am looking forward to shopping with my Grandma in Dubuque.  I will buy something for a friend and for my mom and dad.

Allison Feil

Christmas means giving thanks and giving.  Getting together with my family and relatives.  Going around town and looking at all the Christmas lights.

Stacy Feller

When I think of Christmas, I think of Christmas trees, decorating the tree with lights and ornaments.

I also think of snow, snow fights and sleigh riding.  Christmas just sounds like a snowy time of the year to me.

I like the thoughts of presents.  We always get and give away presents.  It’s the family tradition.

A happiness thought is joy.  Like the song “Joy to the World,” it seems everybody is full of joy on Christmas.

Jason Yeager

Christmas means Jesus is born.  It means a time for celebrating.  It is a time for celebrating.  It is a time for families to get together.  It’s to open presents and see what you got.  It means enternal like.

Erin Meier

Christmas means getting out of school for Christmas vacation.

Christmas to me means people going to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

It also means everybody decorating the trees and house with lights, wreaths and garland.

My favorite part of Christmas is sending cards with love an care.

Christmas also means seeing people visiting other people, playing games and opening presents.

I enjoy listening to the carolers sing the merry songs of the season.  But, the best part of Christmas is the love shared by everybody around us.

Jason Schmidt

I look forward to Christmas because you get gifts and you get to go shopping for other gifts for people.  We get to eat a lot of good food.  From our cousins we get a bunch of popcorn.  Christmas makes me feel happy and when Jesus is born.

Erin Lucke

I am looking forward to….opening gifts and seeing my family.  I like getting out of school, singing Christmas songs, and going caroling.

I like giving presents to all my cousins.  I want to get some jeans and some shirts.  I want to go sledding.  I want to build a snowman.  I want to put up the Christmas tree and hang up lights.  I want to go to church and be in the Christmas play.


Christmas mean s our family likes to spend time with family and friends.  We share the love of Jesus by singing Christmas carols.  We also like to look for our tree in the woods.

Elizabeth and Peter Hoff

Christmas is a fun time at our house.  The first thing we do is get up and eat breakfast.  After we eat breakfast we open presents.  That’s my favorite time of the day!  I sometimes get big and sometimes get small presents.  I like all presents! 

Damian Domer

Christmas means to me the giving of more gifts instead of receiving gifts, to remember Jesus was born on Christmas day, to pray for all lonely, sick and poor people.  It means Santa Claus is coming to see if you’ve been bad or good.

Terra Simon

I like putting up the Christmas tree.  This year I’m going to put up the tree.  On Christmas eve we go to my Grandmas house.  We eat turkey, potatoes and dressing, then we have dessert and candy.  We open our presents.  We watch movies and go home.  We go to sleep and wait for Santa to come.

Chad Clark

My thoughts of Christmas are decorating the tree with lights and garland. 

Another thought of Christmas is Jesus.  It is his birthday you know.

I think of stockings…big, red and fluffy stockings.

Last but not least, I think of my family.  I think of all the love we give each other.  I also wonder what I would do without them.  “Mom, Dad and Clink, Merry Christmas.  I love you!”

Megan Davids

Christmas means to us that it’s a happy, joyful time of the year.  When the families get together to share the happiness of the birth of Jesus.

Tara Steines

We have Christmas each year to honor Jesus on his birthday.  My family and I go to church on Christmas Eve so we can open presents in the morning.

On Christmas my family and I usually go to one of my Aunts and Uncle’s house.  While we’re there the guys watch sports while the women are gabbing on and on.

When we eat we have turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, delicious cookies.  Actually we have more but I think it’s gross.  After we eat I open presents with all the rest of my relatives.  Then we watch more TV

Mark Hoxmeier

Christmas to me is the birth of Jesus.  It’s happy children and happy parents.  Love is spreading over the Earth.  It’s Christmas trees and colored lights all over the earth.

T.J. Kemp

When my brother wakes up on Christmas morning, he always sneaks down and opens his presents.  When he is done, he come and gets Brittany and me up.  I go get Mom and Dad.  Then we pray.  We then go outside and play in the snow.

I enjoy watching the Christmas movies and listening to Christmas carols.

Brad Steines

I like Christmas because there is know school.  You get lots of presents and good food.  All my relatives come.  I like it as all the people come and you wonder what all your presents could be.  There are lots of things to do on Christmas.  We light the Christmas tree and sing Christmas songs.  Christmas is my very favorite Holiday.  I can never wait until Christmas.


Every Christmas, right after the first big snow fall, my sister and I go out and make a snowman.  Then when Grandpa comes we have fun having a snowball fight!  Grandpa always gets me in the face!

But Christmas isn’t just snowball fights.  It means loving, caring and giving.  Each year we get together and give.  It is very special.  These are my thoughts of Christmas.

Diona Garland

My Christmas thoughts are presents, like clothes and toys.

Other thoughts of Christmas are love, as being happy and joyful.  Two more thoughts of Christmas are happiness and surprises.

Heather Norpel

I like Christmas because my family is around me.  I also like going to my grandparent’s house.  At my grandparent’s house I eat dinner.  Then we open presents.

Sara Johnson

Christmas means a time for family.  A time for joy and happiness.  Also a time for giving and receiving.  But most of all, Christmas means the birth of are Lord Jesus.

Chris Chantos

Early in the morning the first thing we do is open up presents.  I like to get all kinds of things, excluding clothes.

The next thing my sister Annie and I do is go sledding.  That is usually interesting.  The last thing the two of us do is go skating or build a snowmen.

Then the whole family goes to our grandparent’s house.  When everyone gets there we all eat.  Next comes the fun part, we all give each other Christmas presents.  All you can hear is “Crack, Rig, Screek.”

Last we all pick up wrapping paper and go home.  To everyone “Merry Christmas.”

Tim Felderman

Christmas means to me that it is Jesus’ birthday.  It is for giving and sharing.  Christmas is lots of fun with families and friends.

Jay Kueter

When I think of Christmas, I think of something like, how nice we have it.  In some parts of the world, people don’t have homes to sleep in, or food, and have to sleep in the sidewalks, with no Christmas presents and no friends.

Jamie Sieverding

Every Christmas I go to church for a Christmas play.  When it is over I go to my grandparent’s house.  When all of my relatives are there we open presents and every year I say how glad I am to see them.  Then we go home.

When we get home our presents are there.  After we open them, we go to bed.

The next morning we go to my grandparent’s house.  We open presents and I tell them how thankful I am for what they gave me.  We have a Christmas dinner.

Nicholas Hueneke

At Christmas we pick a name and we have to buy a few presents.  Last year I got my sister a camera and some film.  My cousin Tiffiny got me a dart gun and a grenade would snap caps. Every year we go to my Grandma’s house.  She gets us some presents.  First we eat, then adults talk, then we open presents.  At last we play.

Jared Ernst

Christmas reminds me of my family, lights and toys.  I think of evergreen trees, about sharing presents and caring for other people. 

I think of my favorite gramma Pat.  I think of red, white and green because of Santa Claus and snow.  I think of my Mom and Dad because I love them very much.

Sabrina Schumacher

I think Crhistmas is a time to care and love.  A time to enjoy your family, a time to spend with your family, a time to spend with your family and people that you haven’t seen in a while.

I think Christmas is a time for all the people to get together and celebrate what Christmas means to them, like singing Christmas songs together.

Kristi Garien

Christmas to the Koenig family means family gatherings.  Giving friends and grandparents gifts.  Decorating the Christmas tree, and baking cookies is fun to do while the Christmas records are playing.

Angie Koenig

Christmas is celebrated for Jesus Christ.  Jesus was born on Dec. 25.

Jesus was a very religious man.  My family believes in Jesus Christ because he’s our friend forever.

Kelly Yeager

Christmas means a lot to me, it is my favorite holiday.  It’s a day that should be celebrated with joy and happiness.  I think that if you’re happy to be given gifts the least you can do is give a gift to important friends, or just anyone you know.  So now that you all know it’s good to give gift’s and receive gifts, Have a Merry Christmas!

Jessica Theisen

When Christmas time is near lots of people think of the joy you get when you get a Christmas present.  Your family gets together to share their love with you.

If I could have three wishes I would wish that the hungry could have all the food we could.  My second wish is that the air pollution would all clear up.  My third wish is that no animal would be extinct.  I hope all my wishes come true!

Kelley Michels

Christmas is a time for caring and sharing.  It’s also a time for opening presents.  When our relatives come for Christmas we party and have a good time!  On Christmas Day I always play with my toys I’ve got.

Staci Schwager

My thoughts of Christmas are Jesues, having a Christmas program and my family getting together.  My family and I go to church, to celebrate Jesus’s birthday.  Weh have a Christmas program at school and at church.  I get to see some of my aunts, uncles and my cousins.

Kelly Ries

At Christmas we get a lot of presents from Mom and Dad.  We go to my grandma and grandpa’s house.  We get gifts from them.  We go have turkey and a lot of other things for lunch.  We stay over night there.  We go home in the afternoon.  We get more presents from my mom and dad when we get home.

Jennifer Reistroffer

I think Christmas is a time for rebirth.  Not just for Jesus but for us.  God sent Jesus to the Earth so that everyone would be free from sin at his death.  God wanted us to have a Savior.  God sent His son, Jesus, so we could live for eternity.

I will have a big meal and thank God for giving us Jesus, food, clothes, shelter and a good education.

I will go to bed and thank God for a good day.

Matt Youngblut

Christmas means families gathering together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Sara Kilburg

Loving and sharing, hoping and caring.  Spreading the joy at Christmas.  Showing your love and sharing your peace is what should be done at Christmas.  Your love will show and your care will shine.  This is how I feel about Christmas.

Ephraim Zamzow

I look forward to Christmas because I like to help make cookies and put the Christmas tree up and then put up the lights outside but most of all I like to buy Christmas gifts for my family.  The true meaning to me is really a baby born.

Tracy Ploessl

When I think of Christmas I think of snow, I can go sleigh riding and build snow forts.  I go out and cut a tree down and hang Christmas decorations on it.  When I think of Christmas, Santa Claus comes to mind.  We get and give presents and toys.

Dan Trenkamp

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  You get to open all kinds of wonderful presents. 

I like putting up the tree.  My job is to put the lights on because nobody else in my family knows how.

On Christmas night we go to Grandma’s house to open presents and play games that are so funny they make me laugh.

Christmas means having fund with my family and friends.

Tonya Scheckel

Christmas is a time for joy and sharing.  Christmas is Jesus’s birthday.  We get together with our friends and relatives and share our love.  People go out and sing Christmas carols on Christmas.

This Christmas I get to see my cousin from Washington and my cousin from New York.  At Christmas you get to see the people you really love.

Wendy Clasen

Christmas means to give thanks to make up for all things we did wrong, to say I am sorry to everyone we hert, to do better in everything we do and to love and care for everyone.

Stacey Fondell

I am looking forward to being with my family on Christmas.  We will stay home and open our presents. 

When it is close to Christmas we all decorate our tree.  We put up ribbons, lights, garland and ornaments.

On Christmas my sister and I buy presents for our parents.  Our mom tells us what she wants.  We always get my dad and grandmas presents too.

Before we open our presents we have dinner.  We have a big dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy with turkey and pudding and lots of other good things.

Amy Templeton

Christmas means a time of giving and receiving.  It also means a time of loving and sharing that love with others.  Christmas is also a day of feasting and celebration.

Kate Eischeid

As Christmas gets closer I think of snowball fights and building snowmen.  But most of all being with my family on Christmas night which is the best present anybody could ever have.  Eating cookies, going to the Christmas program and opening present anybody could ever have.  Eating cookies, going to the Christmas program and opening presents with your family.

After the snowball fights you can go inside and warm up while you drink hot chocolate.

When the snow has covered the ground you can go sleigh riding.  Before you know it Christmas is over and you have to wait another year.

Chris Felderman

To me Christmas is having friends and relatives over and celebrating, eating turkey, ham, potatoes and desserts, playing games in the snow and getting presents.

Julie Felderman

When I think of Christmas I think of snow.  The two things I like most about snow is building forts and having snowball fights.

My other thought is ornaments.  My favorite ornaments are the shiny ones.

Josh Scheckel

Christmas means waiting for Jesus to be born.  A time of joy, love and appreciation for each other, and to be thankful for our gifts.  It also means to me a great time to get together with family and friends.

Robbie Sieverding

Every year I’m in a Christmas program at my school and church.

Around Christmas we go see my grandparents in Newell and Humbolt.

We bake cookies, sit around the tree and open presents.

Sometime during the day we go outside in the cold white sparkling snow and go sleigh riding.  It’s fun going down great big hills.  Then we make a snowman.  Christmas to me is spending a wonderful time with my family.

Jami Watts

To me, Christmas means going to church to celebrate Jesus’s birthday.

During this time, our family gets together.  We trade presents and we will all have a big dinner.

For Christmas we decorate our Christmas tree.  Then we all go to see the lights at Mrs. Reed’s house.

In Junior Lutherans, we make pieces of the nativity scene for our parents.

Mark Weis

When it’s Christmas, opening presents and going sleigh riding are fun.

I like the big meals because of the potatoes and dessert.

Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!

Matt Kilburg

Christmas means to me that no war should begin, peace should come to all.  That the starving will find food, the hostages may be set free and sent home.  For the poor so that they can find help in having good, shelter and clothing.  That the population of Nicaragua might even out so the people living there can live a better life.

Christmas means to me a time of getting together with family, friends, neighbors and yourself to make happiness together.  If you dig way down in yourself you may just find your heart with love, happiness, giving, sharing and caring, and you may see your heart grow five times as big.  So instead of all those toys you wanted, you should give some love to the other people out there.

Molly Lyons

When Christmas comes around, instead of buying things I make things for my family.

Christmas isn’t a time for being bad.  You should be happy and glad.

Christmas is supposed to be a time for giving, not just thinking about what your going to get.

Ralph Kremer

When it gets closer to Christmas, we start bying Christmas presents for mom and dad and sisters.  Then we go to my grandpa and grandma’s house with all my relatives.  First we eat, then a little bit later we all open presents.  Then we all play with the things.  Then we go to my other grandpa and grandmas.  Then we eat first.  And then we open presents.  Then we go home.  Then we go to 12 o’clock mass.


Christmas means giving and sharing.  When we get presents we often share them.  Personally, I like the food mom and grandma make.

I like giving because it makes everyone happy.

We often get presents we don’t like but we can trade with each other.

I definitely like to receive presents.

Sarah Feltes

Christmas is my favorite holiday because I like being around people.  I like all the fun and love we have, but most of all, I like looking at Christmas lights.

Matt Baugh

Christmas means to the Pitts family that you get to see your grandparents and aunts and uncles.  You get to open presents and you get to help put up the Christmas tree and help put up Christmas lights.  And you can go sleigh riding and build a snowman on winter vacation.  But most of all it’s Jesus birthday.

Craig Pitt

Christmas means to me….A time for getting together….Sharing your love for others…A time to make up with someone you haven’t been able to…Happy faces.  It’s a time to visit people that don’t get out and be helpful to those people.  This is what Christmas means to me.

Meggan Daniels

I look forward having my relatives coming over and getting the Christmas spirit.  I also like putting the lights up and going to church.  Wrapping present for others and sleigh ridding is fun when it is snowing.  The last Christmas thought that I have is watching snowflakes fall.

Lacey Bevan

I look forward to Christmas because the families get together and eat dinner.  The families also open the gifts.  Sometimes we play with them after we open them.  We always have a big dinner.  We also eat Christmas cookies.

Tina Weis

When I think of Christmas I think of presents with wrapping paper and bows.  I think of bright lights.  It reminds me of red and green lollypops.  I eat foods out of every food group.  The smell of evergreen reminds me of wreaths and pine trees.

Nick Roe

Santa Claus always reminds people about Christmas, but if you really think about it, you can come up with dozens more things- like stockings over a fireplace, and hearing sleigh bells ringing.  It’s extra special when you have a big breakfast, lunch and dinner with your relatives.  (Especially at Grandma and Grandpa’s house).

I love hearing Christmas carols on Christmas eve and then waking up really early and finally opening presents.

Morgan Nevans

Christmas is chocolate candy.  It’s Santa Claus, presents.  I like sleigh riding, building snowman.  I love the snow and midnight mass for Jesuse’s coming.  We have a big juicy turkey and potatos.  That’s why I like Christmas.

Matt Herrig

You may think Santa is coming but Christmas means to celebrate new life.  It is also ment to mark Jesus’s birth.

Christopher Ludwig

It means going to mass with my family, after mass opening our gifts and enjoying my Christmas presents.  And going to my grandma’s house on Christmas day.  Christmas is going to be fun because of are new nephew Nickols.

Lori Stillmunkes

Christmas is a time for sharing happiness and peace on earth.

We have Christmas to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday.

On Christmas Eve our family goes up to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  All of our cousins, aunts and uncles are there too.

First we eat dinner.  Then we go sit around Grandma and Grandpa’s Christmas tree.  We watch everyone open their presents and see what everyone gets.  After that we play with the toy we got.

Trisha Knake

Christmas means a time for our family friends to get together and celebrate Christ’s birthday.  It is exciting to look for a special gift for someone and to look forward to what you might get.

Christmas makes me think of Reed’s  lights and molasses cookies with green frosting.

Mike Callaghan

When Christmas time is near I think of Christmas presents and being around my relatives and cousins.  I think of mistletoe and Christmas lights on a Christmas tree.

I like it when I go out in the cold and we go sleigh riding on the ice and snow.  I like Christmas best.

Nicole Ehlinger

Christmas is my favorite holiday because…I like to get toys and clothes.  I like to get together with my relatives.  We always eat turkey, beef, and ham on Christmas I like to play pool with my cousins.  We all go to mas at the same time.

Tim Mottet

Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus’s birthday.  It is a time to be with your family and relation.  It is a time for snow to fall. 

nd a time for telling people you love them by giving them a gift.  It is a time for suprises.  And it is a time for Grandma’s date nut cake.  It is a time for stringing popcorn and cranberries for the Christmas tree.  And that is what Christmas means to the Kingery family.

Shelby Kingery

Christmas means joy, happiness and peace to us.  The family spends many hours together talking about things that have happned over the years.  The house is filled with Christmas stuff like Christmas presents, tinsel, lights and Santa Claus.

Lisa Manders

Christmas should be a time of peace, giving and sharing.  You can give to the poor, get together with your family and have fun.  Christmas is a time of peace.

Jerrod Sieverding

My favorite Christmas is when my whole family, Gregg, Darla, Mom, Dad, Nick, Bruce, and me, Ted, go to my Grandparents and have a lot of fun.

We take out the sleds and get ready to go sleding down the big hill.  When we get cold we go in and eat turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, crackers.  Then we open presents.

One year we all got to decorate a Christmas tree and make homemade decorations by ourself.  Everyone had decorated their trees good so everyone got a prize.  Then they took pictures of us by our trees.

Ted Kilburg

Christmas means decorating the Christmas tree.  We buy lots of presents for everybody, we open our presents and we thank everybody.  Christmas means that everbody gets together at my grandma’s and have a big dinner.  Then we go to my other grandma’s house and have a big supper.

Ryan Cloos