Calls and Incidents

Nov. 6

Person kicked in door and wrote over it with marker.

Two-vehicle accident at West Locust and S. Niagara St. One person hurt neck.

Two bad checks totaling $221.33. Charges to be filed.

Gas drive off at Hop ’n’ Shop.

Vehicle search and citation at 200th Avenue and David Street.

Nov. 7

Car in the ditch at W. Platt St. and Westgate Dr.

Deer put down in ditch at Highway 64 and 24th Street.

Confrontation with paper delivery person at Casey’s.

Illegal dumping at Maquoketa Brush Disposal Site.

Deer versus vehicle at 429th Ave and Highway 52.

Shoplifting of composite to HDMI converter at Walmart.

Kids pulled fire alarm at Bellevue Library.

Report of man looking in windows at Woodland North Trailer Court.

Nov. 8

Black lab loose on 113th Street near Leisure Lake.

Vehicle versus deer at Highway 61 and 63rd Street.

Someone yelling at pedestrian, running stop sign twice at intersection, near Hermes Auto and Upholstery.

Put down injured deer at Highway 64 and 174th Avenue.

Noise complaint at 199 Creslane St. Consent to search.

Poached deer with antlers gone near Cornelius Seed Corn.

Hit-and-run on parked vehicle at 219 Grant St., Preston.

Vandalism with nail polish on car at 204 N. Matteson St.

Noise complaint at Woodland East Trailer Court.

Vehicle versus deer on 4500 block of Highway 61.

Suspicious odor on 100 block of North Riverview Street, Bellevue.

Subject trying to get into shed that is not his at Maquoketa Mini Storage.

Nov. 9

Rear-end collision. Two vehicles, no injuries. Highway 64 blocked one mile east of town.

Rollover accident on Highway 61 by North Fork bridge. While on scene, another accident took place on bridge.

Two-vehicle head-on accident at 308th Street and Highway 52 with injuries. Aircare on scene.

Northbound vehicle in southbound lane of Highway 61, running two vehicles off the road.

Car rear-ended by garbage truck in parking lot at 1022 German Street.

Report of threat at 302 James Street.

Minor using tobacco at Bellevue High School.

Report of shoplifting at Walmart.

Vehicle versus deer at 110th Street and Highway 61, causing substantial damage. Undriveable car.

Vehicle versus deer at 208th Street and Highway 52.

Car northbound in southbound lane from Hurstville on Highway 61.

Nov. 10

Verbal domestic at 303 S. Main St.

Chase from Clinton County on Highway 61 at speeds of approximately 110 miles per hour.

Caller fell over cement block in front of Decker Hotel, causing abdominal and shoulder pain. Employee said that sign had been placed over block but was not there when caller walked by.

Report of broken storage unit locks at Mil-Helm Storage Rental.

Empty bottle of alcohol found on Fareway shelf, with video of suspect.

Man slumped over wheel at Walmart. After honking, driver came to and drove away.

Two-vehicle accident at Arcade and West Grove Streets. No injuries.

Kid threatening other kids with a pocketknife at Woodland East Trailer Court.

Vehicle-deer accident on Highway 61.

Report of break-in and assault at 32 S. Stephens St., Preston.

Customer throwing barstools at Hounddog.

Lady lost purse out bus window when stopped at Brandenburg Drainage. Purse and contents located.

Nov. 11

Report of burglary at 101 E. Maple St.

Possible counterfeit bill at Casey’s.

Theft of wallet from Bill’s Tap. Wallet found in intersection of Pershing and Highway 62 and brought back, without cash or credit cards.

Hit-and-run on parked truck near Hide Away Tap, Preston.

Money taken from Bellevue State Bank account.

Report of vehicle driving backwards at 60 miles per hour on Hurstville Road.

Threats reported across the street from Hermes on grass hill in Fawnbrook.

Nov. 12

Van driving 85-95 miles per hour on Highway 61 with stressed kids in back.

Runaway and stolen bike. Item and person returned.

Civil matter of unpaid-for vehicle from 109 S. Vermont St.

Call regarding runaway from Maquoketa Middle School to Lawther Academy.

Goats of undetermined ownership at 12700 85th St.

Bag of trash dumped at 11 block of E. Maple St.

Subject tried to choke caller when she got her stuff from 504-3 Rosemere Lane.

Verbal domestic and water bottle throw through wall at 217 N. Olive St.

Deer hit, damaging vehicle on Highway 64 and 82nd Avenue

Missing black lab from 14802 328th Avenue.

Two-vehicle T-bone accident at East Quarry and Walnut Streets.

Report of domestic disturbance at 200 Park St., Bellevue.

Accident between mother and son at Kwikstar on Platt. Both left scene and went home. Son locked out.

Theft of card at 422 N. Dearborn St.

Break-in, vandalism and stolen items at 22477 Highway 64.

Missing no-parking signs on 10 block of E. Platt St.

Vehicle versus deer at 559th Avenue and Highway 64.

Standby while storage shed opened at Mil-Helm Storage Rental.

Someone trying to get into locked car at Wal-mart.