The Bellevue Police Department released a notice to local residents of some recent break-ins.  They are encouraging residents to take precautions and inform the police department immediately if they notice anything suspicious. 

Below is what was shared by the City of Bellevue/Bellevue Police Department's Facebook Page:

BELLEVUE POLICE DEPARTMENT would like to inform residents of RECENT BREAK-INS.

🔹The perpetrators have been breaking into unlocked VEHICLES and GARAGES at night.

🔹The Police Department asks that residents check their security cameras and report anything suspicious.

🔹If you also notice your security cameras or lights going off in the middle of the night, then please notify the Police Department immediately.

•The Police non-emergency number for questions, concerns, or information call 872-4545.

•If you see a break-in happening or in the event of an emergency always call 911.