Bellevue Enrollment

The Bellevue Community School District just reported its annual certified enrollment to the state for the 2018-19 school year, and the trend seems to be going in a positive direction.

Not only is the district up 15 students this year, enrollment at Bellevue has increased over 6 percent over the past five years.

“We are excited about this increase in enrollment,” said Bellevue Superintendent Tom Meyer. “We believe we offer a high-quality education for all students PK-12, offering opportunities to continually prepare them for careers after high school, college-credit opportunities, and hands-on learning opportunities.”

The Bellevue School District has grown 6.3 percent in the past five years, up to 671 students this school year. While local administrators anticipated some increase in enrollment, this fall’s numbers were higher than expected, according to Meyer.

As well as some new families moving to the district, Meyer said open-enrollment students helped the local school district grow in recent years.

Most of those students came from Andrew and Dubuque. Five came from Oklahoma,Wisconson and Illinois; and a handful came from Cascade, Maquoketa and Des Moines, while three came from Marquette Catholic. Two of the new pupils this year are foreign exchange students from Spain and Indonesia.

Of course, an increase in students means an increase in state funding for the Bellevue School District, approximately $5,000 per student. If the positive enrollment trend continues, it could also mean less tax burden on local citizens.

“Overall, we are up 15.14 students for this school year (funding for next year,” said Meyer. “We are up 28.14 students overall which we are providing instructional programming and services for this school year.”

Meyer said the district has 576 resident students this year, in comparison to 559 the last school year. Also, 680.32 students are being provided services in the Bellevue district this year, in comparison to 652.18 last school year.

Meyer explained the decimals come about as a part of the weighting for some students, private school course sharing for Marquette students, college credit courses, whole-grade sharing with Andrew, etc.

“Certified students are students who live within our school district solely, including some who open-enroll out,” explained Meyer. “Remember, our open enrollment numbers coming into the district are significantly higher than those open enrolling out (76 to Bellevue; 19 out of Bellevue. This is a ratio most districts envy.”