Details for City of Bellevue....Payment Information

As a result of the potential spread
of Coronavirus (COVID 19)
the City of Bellevue wants
to keep everyone safe.
Payment of Utility Bills:
Instead of coming into City Hall, a public facility, to pay your utility bill, the City asks that you
utilize other payment options:
1. Call City Hall (872-4456) for a one-time
payment from your bank account. Provide us
with your banking account information and we
will process the payment, just like a check but
without having to write anything out. Automatic
payment can also be setup that will allow for a
monthly reoccurring ACH bank payment. No additional fees are applied for these services.
2. Pay online
3. Pay with a card online ( or call City Hall (872-4456) for card
payment (processing fees do apply).
4. Use the drop box located to the right of the
main entrance to City Hall if you still prefer to
drop off your payment. If you would like a receipt
for you payment, call and we can mail or email
you a copy.