Details for Babies 1st Christmas...

December 19,2019

1st Christmas


The Bellevue Herald-Leader will be featuring babies born in 2019 celebrating their 1st
Christmas in our Christmas Wishes special section which will be inserted into our December 19th paper. We will display the baby’s photo along with name, parent’s name, birth
date & city where they live. The cost will be $10 which also includes being entered into
a drawing for 4-$25 cash prizes which takes pace December 20th. Simply fill out the
coupon below and drop off or mail to the Bellevue Herald-Leader.
Deadline to drop off photos off is Friday, December 6th.
This issue will also include children’s letters to Santa
and holiday greetings from area businesses.

Please clip this coupon and drop off or send, along with your babies photo and
money to the Bellevue Herald-Leader, 118 South Second St., Bellevue, IA 52031
Baby’s Name_______________________________________________________
Parent’s Name______________________________________________________
Birth Date__________________________________________________________
City______________________________ State____________________________
(Picture ads must be paid in advance)