Details for Retired Baby Boomer Women’s Study

Retired Baby Boomer Women’s Study
Be part of an important women’s research study.
Were you born between 1946 and 1964?
Are you female and retired?
If you answered YES to these questions; you may be eligible to
participate in an important research study.
The purpose of this research study is to understand the well-being and
life satisfaction of Baby Boomer women in retirement as told from their
perspective. One-on-one interviews will help the researcher better
understand how women look back on their life experiences and forward
to this new chapter of their lives.
Retired women between the ages of 55 - 73 are elegible to participate.
This study (interview) will be conducted at the resarcher’s residence,
participant’s residence, or by telephone.
Please call Nancy Schoeing-Currie at (515) 371-7831 for more
information. 606 Dunn St, Bellevue.
Thank you in advance. Nancy